Thursday, January 22, 2009

But No Worries !

Soooo my mom lappy dies
Believe me I can relate to her terror and panic

Then it got complicated.

Argh, screams Mom I need it.
But I work in a computer repair shop
No Worries

But the hard drive is dead
No Worries, We can fix it

But it will be another day!!
No worries use mine in mornings.

But that didn’t fix it its something else
No worries buy a new one at Wal-Mart

But they are out of stock on the one you like
No worries go to Staples

But they are out of stock also
No Worries we buy it on line ship next day air

But, but wait.

Your puter just needed new memory it’s fixed now.
No Worries I needed a new one anyway

But your new one isn’t here yet.
No worries ill use my old one!


  1. omg lol that something i would do

  2. lol yes i want it nowwwwww just like us

  3. hehe gotta have it NOW!!!

  4. me and mum are twins!!!

  5. isnt it hilarious it like nooooooooooooooooo i need it now!!!

  6. and she got it too yay ma

  7. and its a real nice one too hehe ma

  8. thanks for posting that comment on ann's blog. i was the one who asked her that question and maybe i am a bit too sensitive tonight, but was offended and shocked to be called an "asshole" for asking that question. that back wall stood out and looked familiar...anyway...thanks for saying something. i'm not going to comment on her site anymore. love her site and posts...but not being called an asshole. :) like your blog!

  9. Thank you that is sweet of you and I was a bit taken aback by that comment too


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