Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yay Cake!

Yesterday was my birthday and this was a maze of various convos with my mother

Her: you want cake
Me: sure I like cake
Her: you want everyone come over
Me: sure why not be fun
Her: well when you always working
Me: not Saturday
Her: ok Saturday
Me: we do get our lashes done then though
Her: ok well maybe dinner
Me: ok cool dinners good
Her: well we could have cake later we be done early
Me: ok sure cake later
Her: everyone
Me: sure that be good
Her: I am going to make steaks tonight
Me: ok but ill be working
Her: that’s ok

few hours pass

Me: I got someone cover I don’t have to work
Her: great lets go out for steak
Me: ok
Her: everyone coming too
Me: what
Her: oh never mind that a secret
Me: what about them
Her: everyone is coming along is that ok?
Me: erm yah I guess does my dear hubby know
Her: no
Me: you should tell him?
Her: ok

few minutes pass

texts all 5 mins apart

Her:: Yet steak we all going
Her:: Yet everyone be there
Her:: never mind its all off I am sick forget it

I phone her

Me: what?
Her: never mind it stupid you don’t want to go
Me: I don’t
Her: well you don’t sound like you do
Me: I don’t
Her: forget it
Me: I am at work I am sorry what did I say to make you think that
Her: I don’t know
Me: well I would say if I didn’t want to
Her: ok so its back on
Me: sure
Her: ok

Dinner was lovely by the way and everyone showed up :) I drank lots.


  1. I hope you had a good birthday friend x

  2. I did in the end. Families re funny

  3. LOL I don't know how you two keep up with each other :)


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