Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have never been one of those people who wish they had thought to say that.
I have however, wished at times I had thought not to say it.
At least out loud

Examples below:

From cubeville of course.

Me: We could just flow chart it.
Her: What do you mean?
Me: A chart, if this than that sort of thing, cover all the variables and what not.
Her: OH YES!! We can use circles and squares.
Me: Maybe even diamonds.
Her: What?
Me: Maybe not, let’s keep it simple
Her: That's what I meant.
Me: Sweet!

Tech 1: Should I bring tools
Tech 2: What?
Me: You could just use your fingers and teeth.
Tech 2: What?
Tech 1: What do you mean?

From home:

Me: Did you get lost?
Her: No
Me: I thought you couldn’t find it?
Her: I didn’t know where I was going.
Me: Yes hun that would be you really lost.
Her: Shut up
Me: We all lose our way now and again.
Her Are you going to shut up?
Me: Sometimes I flounder about, wonder what I am here for, wonder what it all means.
Her: I’m going now.

Me: I’m going to the pharmacy
Him:You’re going to get clown shoes?
Me: Yes I am. Do you need some?
Him: What?
Me: Why do you even try to guess if you can’t hear anything?
Him:So you’re not getting clown shoes?
Me: I’m going now.


  1. I have a hard time following your conversations sometimes lol I think your brain jumps 2 steps ahead of everyone else's.

  2. lol i know thats got to be the add in me

  3. even when someone else is trying to be funny you sound even funnier!

  4. I left you an award on my blog. Not sure why it's called the Lemonade award but you know we love to have our awesomeness validated even further.

    So Not Domestic


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