Saturday, December 20, 2008

There are Cracks in the Ice

I like to think I am a strong confident woman.
I normally am quite good at convincing myself that I am
There are certain moments that those carefully crafted illusions come crashing down.
Over the last couple days I confess to the following:

Asked him to go to store as I couldn’t face the crowds
After the ice storm had him take me to work not just one day but also day after
The entrée I was to bring into work dinner didn’t turn out
Panic attack when daughter didn’t answer cell phone after ice storm
Called numerous times even though I knew she wasn’t answering
Called her fiancé numerous times even though he wasn’t answering
Texted her BFF phone frantically even though I wasn’t sure I had the number right
Told my mother about it so we could FEED OFF each others fears in detail.
Stalked her, his and her bff facebook, myspace, twitter to see last log in.
Ate all the raw cookie dough in two days
After failing to get my jeans zipped spent twenty minutes searching for fat jeans, only to realize those were the ones I had just tried on
Ate the box of candy meant to send to my friend
Cackled when daughter did call and said something like Oh just wondered.

Merry flipping Christmas I need a drink


  1. omg haha yeah same here .sorry i worried you mumsy.

  2. Aww yes you did you are very bad!!

  3. Aww all that worry. LOL

    OK I'm tagging you. :)
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  4. aww friend I worry too much too!!! was that candy for me btw lol?

  5. yes friend lol it was! i will get you some more ship it same day


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