Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Southern Diva

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a high end sports car.
It isn’t new though, I bought it off lease from a Florida dealer.
I have driven it in the snow and it is all wheel drive that handles very well.
Yesterday, I had to drive it on ice and when I made my first left hand turn onto the street it just kept turning.
It was quite odd though as I didn’t feel out of control at all.
Lovely little sports car just did a perfect U turn as if to say “um, no I don’t think so. We need to go back home.”
Now it’s not a Volkswagen but it is a German car. I felt as if Herbie the Love Bug had taken over the wheel.
I turned back down my street, passed my driveway, and sweet talked her into carrying on.
I am not sure if it’s the German in her or the spoiled Floridian but I had to kiss her @rse all the way to work.
I was giving her promises of wax jobs, professional detailing, and high end octane the entire way.
What a diva.
I love that car.


  1. You know, they DO say that a car becomes an extension of oneself. A peek in the rear-view might just reveal a look at another diva, and she always has me laughing.

  2. aww thanks for the comment and that's why i was promising her lots of pampering to get her to keep moving

  3. kissed her ass all the way there! it certainly worked!


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