Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Meaning of Christmas

A convo today with one of my dear male friends.

Him: I am so bah humbug today
Me: Why is that?
Him: I don’t know
Me: That’s a shame
Him: I was listening to talk radio today
Me: My God don’t listen to the news on the economy its depressing
Him: No it was some Catholic station
Me: Well that should be uplifting, aren’t you Catholic?
Him: I was, well kind of, I don’t go to church but I listen to this show
Me: I would think that should count for something
Him: Yes that’s what I thought
Me: So what he say
Him: Oh that none of it matters no one remembers you when you’re gone anyway
Me: Well that is depressing for a priest
Him No not really it more like Christmas is about people not gifts or decorations
Me Yes of course but I like gifts, don’t you?
Him You know what they say money can’t buy happiness
Me: Who says that
Him: Everyone says that
Me: Yeah you know who says that? Cheap people do. (giggles)
Him I am not into gifts this year
Me: You’re not?
Him No they are silly meaningless material things.
Me: Shame, I will take the gift I got you back
Him You got me a gift?
Me Yes of course
Him What is it?
Me: It’s a lovely one I believe I went a little overboard,but I couldn’t resist.
Him Why not?
Me: It just so perfect for you, shame you aren’t doing gifts this year. I can take it back.
Him Well I wouldn’t do that
Me: My brother might like it
Him No I wouldn’t do that.
Me: Why not? I don’t want to offend you
Him No lets think on it a day
Me: OK that sounds good


  1. Did you really get him a gift or were you just messin' with him? That seems like something you'd do. Haha

    So Not Domestic

  2. P.S. I don't get the whole money can't buy happiness thing. Money buys things. And things make me happy. Who ISN'T happy when they get a gift?

    I grew up very poor and I have to say, money has definitely made me happier. Just sayin'.

  3. lol omg how did you know i hadnt bought him one yet!! no now i have to go get something

  4. yes cheap people say that, even home made small things given in love and friendship make a person happy.

  5. LOL just knew. Sounded like you...just to make him rethink himself.

  6. LOL yes we will wait a day, think on it!

  7. No not at all, I am sure he is hoping the whole lets not do gifts thing has been forgotten.

  8. oh ya they all up for gifts when it suit them! and money does make people happy, although health is the most important thing obviously! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MONEY! i just dont have much of it :-(

  9. yes they all just lie when they say such things it makes me laugh


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