Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Horrible Gifts Given by Me over the Years

Horrible things I have given as gifts with the best of intentions, honestly at that moment in time, I thought these were great gifts!

- Mud flaps
- Shorts 3 sizes too big
- A vibrating pen
- A leather vest with fringe (male)
- Play dough factory (2yr old)
- 1000 piece puzzle solid in color
- A monkey on a stick
- Assorted pieces of wood
- A printer with no cables/power source
- Glamour pics of myself
- Self warming battery operated socks
- 2 cartons of cigs

Honestly, all these gifts were given in love with the best of intentions, if any of them intrigues you and you just can’t wrap your mind around how anyone could give such a thing, leave a comment and I will do my best to explain myself.


  1. When you say puzzle solid in color...was it made like that on purpose? like it was just a blue or black or purple puzzle? Yeah, what were you thinking on that one. hehe :)
    So Not Domestic

  2. Erm yes it was solid white. My brothers girlfriend at the time was a puzzle fan and did these big elaborate scenic ones. I cackled when I gave it to her and said lets see you put that one together. She looked quite offended. I thought it was a great challenge for a puzzle enthusiast but learned later she thought I was a smart @ss*

  3. LOL oh that one. We had one Christmas where we didnt have much money. Hubby had this old truck he was dying to restore and fix up but we were so broke. I found some mud flaps with sexy women on them at Wal-Mart. They were cheap and I thought he would want to put them on his truck to "fix it up" He looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

  4. I wouldn't mind getting a monkey on a stick. Or the vibrating pen.

  5. LOL Kathulhu, see that is what I was thinking

  6. Hey - just wanted to say hi. I just came across your blog from your link on ChickenL's comments. I love your style of writing, very entertaining!

  7. Wow thanks PW and I love chicken L that is one bold hilarious woman !!


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