Saturday, December 6, 2008

Graduation, Celebration, Lamentation

So the Girl Graduated last night, obtaining the long awaited and very expensive Degree. She is the first in our family and I am so very proud.

So proud that I can only blame that on the following actions.

Things Mom did at her only child's graduation:

-Sobbed loudly
-Blew nose honking like a wild goose call when auditorium was silent
-Promised to be nice around the Fiances Parents
-Screamed dinner and drinks on me money is no object after ceremony
-Made no reservations
-Suggested we sit in bar while waiting for table
-3 Long Island Ice teas while waiting for table
-1 Long Island Ice tea at table ignored appetizers
-Sampling everyone else drink?
-Thought I was quite funny and charming, realizing today I was only drunk with pride and liquer
-At one point said the phrase, why didnt you just buy him condems hell i bought her condems
-Insisted the entire table go to vegas for the wedding and it was all on me!
-Hugged and sobbed over girl numerous times exclaiming I never thought you would do it
-Made up for that awful statement by saying the words she has only heard a few times in her life.(see below)
-Said at some point to her future mother in law, of course its a big diamond she deserves no less.
-Tried to make up for that comment by showing her my ring?
-Passed drivers license around table insisting the horrible picture was a conspiracy, some sicko interoffice dmv lotto.

Dear Daughter: I was wrong, You were right!! (illusive words to be sure and here for all the internet to see)

I love you kid! (something I know she has heard numerous times in her life and will continue to hear.)


  1. Yay congrats to her; you must be funny drunk lol

  2. hehe they all assured me they had a good time, but like that previous post i do miss that backspace key in real life

  3. Well done to Christy for Graduating you must be very pleased! Sounds like you had fun!

  4. omg you have no idea how funny we are drunk LOL


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