Sunday, December 21, 2008

Five Rules for my Life

1. Plan for the worst,hope for the best.
2. Never burn bridges.
3. Always say exactly what you mean.
4. Never expect another person to do, say, or act a certain way.
5. Always laugh at yourself. Others will laugh with you.

This short post was brought to you by, the number 5 and A Lazy Housewife.


  1. haha i like that blog....and the number 5. good number.

  2. Good you been tagged to make the same post then hehe

  3. friend no 1 is exactly what i do! people say im depressing but its true, never expect anything, then its a lovely surprise..

  4. yah i always hope for the best but in my mind i secretly plan what would happen if it was the worst lol i try not talk about the worst because then i think i jinx it


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