Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Daughter like ME

My daughter and I text a lot. Mainly because I am always working and the fact I hate phones. For some reason since the internet and cell phones are so popular I can barely stand to pick up a phone. I love msn,yahoo,twitter, and texting. I think its because I can answer at my leisure and also gives me an opportunity to censor myself. If I am just yammering on phone there is no backspace key to get my foot out of my mouth. Her fiance has texted me on occassion too and once at work we had a texing convo like this.

Him: Yay its Goobers (our dog) Birthday!
Me: Oh yes it is you are right.
Him: Should we come over for his party?
Me: Ummm ok
Him: I'll bring cake!
Me: Ummm ok cake for him or for us?
Him: Both!!
Me: OK ill buy pizza
Him: YAY CAKE and pizza.
Me: ummm yah ok tonight then?
Him: Dont you want to see me?
Me blink blink
Me: Of course tonight then?
Him: This is your daughter I am using his phone.
Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wondered!
Me: YAY!!


  1. I hate using phones too, I think its because I did telemarketing for so long I just dont have the patience for them! BTW that convo made me laugh

  2. Funny :) You know I hate phones too. LOL I don't know why anyone bothers calling me anymore.


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