Sunday, December 28, 2008

Charming Annoying Resolutions.


Amazon kindle
Guitar hero
Him doing grocery shopping
Bubble baths
Big soft towels
A day inside


3 month backorder on kindle (Really? 3 months? Seriously?)
He isn’t getting into GH with me (Prolly cuz he sucks at it hehe)
No food in house
Knocks at door during bubble baths (Go outside!Isn’t that a male pride thing anyway?)
No clean clothes (Wth my housecleaner has gone AWOL)
7 hours online job (Does my evil twin book these or what?)


1. Get rich
2. Get thin

I am pretty sure I can buy everything else or charm it out of someone if I accomplish those two things. Bring it.


  1. friend im with you on get rich and get thin, I hope 2009 is the year for is guitar hero?

  2. Its pretty hard but its fun, I almost can do living on a prayer now hehe

  3. Whooops nevermind forgot I never commented on this one I guess. I wanna get rich too. I'll jump on your bandwagon if you make it first.

  4. hehe you make me laugh, id never delete a comment
    even if they told me how lame i am


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