Friday, November 28, 2008



My friend walks a dark path
She didn’t take it by choice
It’s a forced march
I walk along side her
Not close but near.

My way is full of sunshine and rainbows
She cries a lot and sometimes can’t move on
She wants to lie down and give up but she knows she can’t do that
I can see her over there
I see her pain

But my own path, you know, the sun gets in my eyes
I can’t see all the terrible things on her oddessy
I can’t know what terrors or demons she is battling
She cries out to me now and then and tries to explain
I see her struggle wanting to go back from where she came
I try to listen but she knows I can’t really understand

Sometimes there are little glimpses of sunshine
They are fleeting and far between
She stops to enjoy them a bit
But then remembers
She has to start all over again

She spends a lot of time wondering how or why she ended up on this path
She watches and is envious of others of their bright smiles and hope filled journeys.
She use to walk along with us before her dark detour
She wishes she had known they weren’t endless back then
Her path is full of rain, tears for a child taken too soon, for a reason she can’t fathom
A blameless loss, unexpected, unpredictable, unreasonable and unthinkable

I yell over to my friend a lot
I don’t give her any advice or tell her any lies
We both know she will never be the same.
I hope she knows I was near her on her journey
I hope she knows I admire her struggle and am amazed at her will
I hope she knows how much I care.
I hope the path has an ending although I don’t think it does.

Perhaps though, she will find a clearing.
It wont be bright and sunny but maybe only a bit overcast.
A warm place with a fine mist away from the torrential storms.
A place that is peaceful and perhaps she will want to stay there.
Full of memories and smiles
A new place for new joys a different kind perhaps but soothing to a broken heart.
I am waiting for her there
I hope my friend makes it through

This is my friends story here


  1. This is so touching and stunning,xx

  2. aww thank you for that friend, i wouldnt want to walk in her shoes for one second

  3. Tammy, you're a treasure to your friend. So sorry, Ann

  4. Thank you so much Ann
    thank you so much for reading and sharing with your readers.
    The hardest part of grief is people dont know how to act around them. They just want to know you are there for them and they want you to know you will listen. We can never know how they feel.

  5. You described your friends' pain beautifully.

  6. Tammy,

    Your poem is really beautiful. It really captures it all. It is so lovely that you make it so clear you will be there for Sheri at any point through her harrowing journey.


  7. Thank you all for your sweet comments.
    I hope that people who are close to anyone going through grief know that all you can do is be there.
    Its hard to watch but its the least any of us can do compared to what they are going through

  8. This was really lovely and I will be thinking of her as well, this weekend.

  9. Tammy that was so beautifully put. My heart goes out to Sheri and her family and they will be in my thoughts prayers during this difficult time.

    She is lucky to have you as a friend!

  10. I should post the link to her story it is here


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