Sunday, November 23, 2008

100 Things about Me

First post out and I have already decided to be lazy and go the easy route on the about me post.
Standard 100 things about me and should say all you need to know.

1. I use to be really hot
2. I am in my mid 40s and cant quite believe I am no longer super hot.
3. I was lucky enough to know I was hot during the hotness period
4. I am lucky enough to delude myself into not thinking all that is over
5. I am very sarcastic
6. I am brutally honest.
7. I dont have a lot of friends.
8. Its most likely due to the above listed traits.
9. Sometimes I worry about that.
10. Most of the time I dont
11. I have been married 22 years.
12. I am suprised anyone could stand me so long.
13. I have one daughter.
14. I make lots of money.
15. I work hard for all my money
16. I am still hopelessly in debt.
17. I am terrible with money.
18. I am generous with my family and few friends.
19. I dont contribute to any charity
20. I grew up very poor.
21 I always knew i wouldn't stay poor
22 Being poor sucks
23 Money doesn't buy happiness
24 The things money buys makes me happy
25 I am a computer geek
26 I am a bullshitter
27 People tell me I am funny
28. I think blogs are stupid
29. I read a lot of them
30. I have ADD
31. I am on Ritalin
32 I have to be very careful with it because i have an addictive personality
33 I have never lived up to my potential
34 Sometimes knowing I could do something if I wanted to is enough for me
35 I wish it wasn't
36 I buy things for the status symbol
37 I dont know if i am shallow or if its a left over from being a welfare kid
38 I was suspended in school for refusing to eat free lunch
39 I was starving and only refused because they acted so offended
40 I wouldn't go into the store with my mom because she had food stamps
41 She bought me the things i wanted anyway
42 I was a brat as a kid
43 I had a paper route when i was 14
44 The paper route collection man was arrested for molesting a girl
45 I told corporate he had already collected and kept the 400 dollars
46 I bought myself and my poor cousin school clothes with the money
47 I drive a high end sports car
48 I kiss it every morning on the hood
49 I laugh at myself a lot
50 I have fake nails and eyelash extensions
51 I rarely finish what i start
52 Did i say 100 i meant 52


  1. 1.your blog is funny
    2. you seem to like lists
    3. your blog is also touching
    4. I can relate
    5. keep it up!

    Ann Leary

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, I thought it was a rather different way to express yourself and it also made me laugh!


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