Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stupid Arse

So I had a nice thanksgiving But in the excitement of making a  huge hallmark type meal I forgot??blew off ? daily BM
So when I went Friday my arse blew up ! Out?
I know people don't talk of such things
 But oh my god Hemmorrhoids !
 How terrible
7 days of it
Nothing helps
 You can't walk or sit or sneeze or cough or bend over
 A hot bath helps
 But good luck getting in and out of tub
 Good luck trying to pee when it feels like you got stick up ya I guess it's like sneezing with eyes open
 Can't do it
 Good luck trying work
 Good luck not blowing your head off
 Good luck trying to keep your family from hating you because all you do is bitch and whine
 I know I'm a big baby
 I am better 
 And I am thankful for being able to sit 
 And bend over 
 Walk upright 
And sneeze without sobbing afterwards 
 How was your holiday?
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