Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Lectures please

I am a smoker
So lets get all this out of way
Yes its bad for me
Yes its bad for those who love me
Yes I should quit
Yes it is gross
MM kay
I know that ok I am also fat you wanna lecture me on that too
That isnt what this post is about
Its about
We bought a cig roller
Cranking out our own cigs
You can buy tobacco filter cig tubes make a carton of cigs for like
9 bucks
Holy Crap
Thats like saving 35 a carton and since hubby smokes too and we go through say 3 a week
thats like oodles of money
What should I buy with my new found funds
Maybe alcohol and drugs
I kid
Anyway no lectures please you will just make me want to smoke more and eat faster

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Say What?

I call this picture Sure why not?

Me: Do you want to grill these ribs or you want me to bake them
Him What
ME Do you want to grill these ribs or bake em
Him Do I want to play gorilla games?
ME Yes hon do you want to play gorilla games
ME After all it is Father's day
Him Yah I guess, I have never played it before
Me I am sure it will be fun

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yes this is what we plan on doing all day
Why do you ask?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Never mind

I work doing support for a well known device
I cant post it here so lets call it a widget 
Any whoooo I do whats called level 2 support
That is when the first support agent cant help you and they escalate you and you get a call back 
from an EXPERT
That would be me
EEK I know
Sometimes we can fix them sometimes they go up even higher
But we always call them back to try get more details do more troubleshooting and a lot of the time I can fix them
Sometimes I look at the ticket and KNOW I can fix them
I love those as I am all like Hi I am Tammy from Widget support and I understand you have a problem with blah 
If you just do this I think we can resolve it
I love those
But the other day I had one that went like this
ME Happy spew 
HIM Never mind
ME I am sorry are you still having the issue
HIM Yeah Never mind
ME I am pretty sure I can fix it if you just allow me to walk you through a couple things 
HIM Never mind my wife left me and took the widget with her.
ME........bust out laughing
HIM Laughs too (thankfully)
ME Did you want me to call her
HIM Laughing No..... No I don't

Sometimes I just love my job 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

No One Wants to Talk to YOU

So my mom went to CVS
and saw two women she use to work with
She hurried and ducked down another aisle 
Thinking I hope they didnt see me
But then she turned down the next aisle came right up on them and heard one say
God I hope she didnt see us
The other one said Yah I know
So my Mom did just what I would have done 
and said

so funny 
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