Friday, October 30, 2009

Touched by an Angel

This is such a hard time of the year for me.
I posted a entry yesterday joking how I am down because I have no one to dress up for Halloween but that is only part of it.
That is me joking my way out of a blue mood.

I hate this time of year
Its getting cold
Another summer has come and gone and I didn’t get super fit like I said I would
Daylight hours get shorter
Fall taxes are due
End of year taxes are going to be due soon.
Christmas expenses are coming up.
My birthday is coming up and I am going to be older
There are so many things to get depressed over and whine about if I really wanted too.
Normally I do get the blues this time of year.
I don’t any more though.

Because two years ago my friend lost her dear little boy to a tragic accident

Read the story here.

You can read a poem I wrote about witnessing her grief here.

You can see his memorial here

She will never be the same
Her efforts of trying to go on are heroic
She is amazing.

I dedicate this blog to her today and I encourage all my blog readers to hug their love ones

Don’t complain about the small things
Don’t complain how hard life is
I know I try very hard not to do that anymore.

I hope she knows how much her little angel touched my life.
I hope by me sharing her story, he touches your life too.

I hope my friend knows how much I admire her.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best in Show

I miss having a little one for Halloween
Being the conceited diva mom that I am, Halloween gave me a chance to show off my cleverness, imagination, and awesome crafting skills.

Unfortunately my little diva wanted to be whatever was freaking popular or girly that year.

Things like
A princess
A cheerleader
A Fairy
Disney princess of the year (Jasmine, Areil, Belle)

But you have to make them happy right?

What is a creative genius like yours truly to do?

Thankfully her best friend was the youngest of four.
Her mom was tired and they all went as hobos each year.

The girls BFF would let me dress her as I pleased.

I got to dress her as

An Awesome pirate( we just love Pirates of Caribbean that year)
A scary wolf ( went with riding hood and grandma costumes)
A computer bug
A crayon
A big baby

Another year, I got to dress my own mom up as an IPHONE
Sadly, it was for a contest at the bingo hall and all the oldies kept asking her if she was a calculator.

Such fun!

Sadly though this year I have no one to be my show piece.

If I had a little one this year ,I would totally dress them as

Octomom (long black wig, big fat lips 8 babies)
Ballon boy (I am thinking cardbord box with a thing of jiffy pop on their head)

If I was feelng real creative, I would make em up as that Im just a bill character from the school house rock songs. Put Public Healthcare on it and a Big FAT VETO

Sigh.....such talent wasted

How are you dressing your kids this year?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have just signed up to do a few reviews on my site
Things that might interest my readers
But mainly things that interest me
YAY me

I am using this site here
Buy blog reviews
Advertise with my Blog

Advertise with my Blog

Housing Slump

They say the housing slump is over in my adopted town.
I am having trouble believing it.
This cute home has been on the market for a while now with no bites.
Look how lovely her landscaping is

Its on a gorgous street.
Nice and quiet, manicured lawns and well cared for homes.
A great place to raise your kids.
Such a puzzle why no one has made an offer yet.

Unless, Its this house that is right next door.
Does anyone even live there?
This neglected yard that obviously has no love?

Yes of course someone lives there!
This is my house!
I dont get why my neighbors are selling?
I dont understand why people are not flocking to buy it and live next door to me.
Do you?

Maybe I can talk hubby into just running over them with the riding mower this weekend.
It couldn't hurt

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Work and No Play

Makes Goober sad

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nanna Knew

When I introduced my sweet hubby to my grandparents 20 years ago, he was a bit horrified how they talked with one another.
They had been married almost 50 years at the time, and during dinner while Grandma was talking to my sweet love, Grandpa said loudly and rudely
"Push your glasses up!"
Grandma did, and carried on with her story without missing a beat.

When we were young newlyweds a new show was on fox called Married with Children.
A huge hit.
We didnt get it.
Why didnt Al want to make love to Peggy?
Why didnt she want to cook for the man who allowed her to stay at home with her kids.
Why didnt Peg want to cook for her kids or keep a nice home?

Well dear internet its is now almost 24 years later and I noticed over the weekend the hubby and I say things to each other on a daily basis we would not have dreamed of a two and half decades ago.

Things said this weekend by one or both of us listed below:

Stop picking.
You @sshole.
Could you turn that sh*t down?
What the h#ll did you do all day?
I cant eat this crap again.
I am not watching that.
Give me the remote
So do you want to have sex or not?
How is your boyfriend?
How is your girlfriend?

Ahh true love.

Grandma would be proud.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Drive By

Something different today.
I filmed a quick drive by of my adopted town Mayberry

You can see all the lovely homes, how close they are packed together and all the huge trees I am always yammering about.

Its really windy so the sound quality is terrible
Let me know if you see a house you would like more pictures of and I will try and feature it on a
Tuesday around Town entry

Also, you get to hear me yammering in the back ground and yes I do sound that silly in real life.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Little Too Late

Last month I bought an Iphone Application called Bill Minder
It is Fantastic
Bill minder reminds you when your bills are due
Who to pay
How much
And total amount you still owe for the month at a glance

Just what I need.
Sadly when I charged it on my debit card.
It bounced
It was 99 cents
How funny.
Not to worry dear internet, its all been taken care of and I am on track to getting handle on my cash

PS here is link to them if you are interested.

Bill minder :

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Yes I know I havent done one in ages.
I would give elaborate excuses if I could, but I wont.

OK maybe I will whine just a little bit.

I have been trying to diet and work out and failing miserably.
I have been working lots trying to get out of debt and failing miserably
I have been trying to organise my house and time and failing miserably

So what the heck, I will put some pictures up of my beloved adopted town.

First off the canopy of trees on the streets. I love them in the Fall it looks like you could go down this street and get lost in some sort of wooded mythical maze. What is that one line this road goes yonder or something poetic like that.

This house is huge but look at the red tree right dead center.
I wonder if they planned it that way.
Either way I love how its green everywhere and that red hits you smack in the forehead

I think this house looks out of place it looks as if it should be in new england or something but its crammed between the other homes. It needs to be in Connecticut with a bed and breakfast sign out front. I just love what they did with the trim.

All of these were taken on the same street. To me it makes it seem even more surreal.

Why is this house not in Mexico or something?
Was it built this way or do you think some clever homeowner came up with it.
It's cool because.......its just so weird.

Hope you enjoyed!

Someone Must Care

I am so out of blog content.
I sit around in a stuper in my boring life and wonder why I bothered starting a blog and why anyone would bother reading it.
So desperate for inspiration, I bought this book

It is a great book. Like the title says bloggers have to refrain from blogging for the sake of blogging and not just list what we had for lunch.
Because that is boring.
Telling people what you did all day and had for lunch is mind numbing and silly.
Do people eat like I do?
I dont think so.
I had a bag of these for lunch.

After that, I ate a box of these.
Come on!
How can that be boring

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goober's Reaction to Marley and Me

He's Like what? whats so bad about the way Marley is acting? I don't get it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Case of an Emergency

Her: Ack chest pains I'm going to doctor
Me: OK
Her: Never mind, they are gone now
Me: Go anyway
Her: No it’s stupid
Me: Ok but call them
Her: I called they said I should go to er
Me: Ack ok you want to go to E.R.
Her: No
Me: Oh are you sure
Her: Yes it stupid I’m fine
Me: Ok but we can go it doesn’t matter you have insurance lets just go
Her: No I’m fine

Next day

Me: Want to go shopping
Her: Yay ok
Me: We can go to city
Her: Yay alright


Me: You ready to go
Her: Ack no I have chest pains
Me: Ok let’s go to E.R
Her: Ack yes omg it hurts I’m dying
Me: Ok
Me Vroooooooom
Me: We are here no worries get a wheel chair

4.5 hours later
No cigs
No food

Me her in unison: Omg what is it doc give it to us straight
Him: You have indigestion
Her: I feel stupid
Me: Don’t feel stupid let’s drive home yay
Her: I’m hungry
Me: I need a flipping cig you got any money?
Me: YAY I have blog content

Just teasing internet.
We were both very relieved and always get your chest pains checked out but how funny.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poor Goober

Goober is a Golden Retriever.
They are prone to allergies and skin conditions
Sores from digging, allergies, ingrown hairs all sorts of take care of my luxiurious coat I am a beatiful golden type things.

He has been scratching his side a lot lately
I looked and he had a big sore on his side.
OH NO!!!!
I have been neglecting him
He is not getting the care he deserves.

After much research, I found out I could give him some antihistamine and I ordered some very special shampoo and salve to put on his tender hide.
Poor Goober.
I bought anti-itch sprays for him too.
The poor baby.
Today he was digging
I was trying to distract him with new toys
Dont dig goober.
Come here mommy will love on you.

But then, something fell to the floor.
What the #$#@?

Goober did not have some sore on his side caused by his baby like pure bred pedeigree my granddad won the west minster best in show sensitive golden retriever skin.

It was a wad of gum.
He had a wad of gum stuck on his fur against his skin.

He's better now.
I feel stupid.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stupid Fat Mii on Wii

My Fat Arsed Mii

So I been faithfully working out every day
Like a lot!
I do the wii fit for 20 mins(aerobics) plus yoga
I do the bike for 10 as fast as I can pedal.
I end up drenched in sweat out of breath all hot and miserable
But that is fine because that is what you have to do right?
Two weeks I haven't lost one pound!
I am exactly the same.
Stupid working out is not enough
I am going to have to go on a stupid diet too
So stupid
Stupid diets
Stupid mii looks like a beach ball with legs
I may be fat but it all in my T and A LOL
so funny

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Fork in the Head

My long term readers might notice I use that statement a lot.
A fork in the head.
Did you put a fork in his head?
He is lucky I didnt put a fork in his head.
Are you done? Should I put a fork in your head?
But where did this odd statement come from.

I will tell you.

When I was growing up I was around my Aunt's house a lot.
She had eight kids
Yes eight.
All within 1 year of each other.
I was there a lot because once you have eight what does one more matter?

During dinner one evening, one of her evil spawn put a fork in her sister's arm because she went for her piece of chicken.
During screams and wails and blood and getting ready to go to the hospital my Aunt said calmly

At least she didnt stick it in your head.

True zen

Friday, October 2, 2009

Politically Correct Hubby

Me: I am doing yoga
Him: I know I can tell you look great.
Me: I have only been doing it a week
Him: Yah but you have that glow you look fantastic.
Me: Anywhoo, this one position really really hurts my back.
Him: Show me
Me: Grunt pant twist ughh owwwww "Tadah"
Him: That is very good
Me: Yes doesn't that look like it hurts, wouldn't that hurt your back too?
Him: Yes it looks very painful when you do it
Me: What do you mean when I do it?
Him: I mean if I did it and was in the shape you are in, it would probably hurt.
Him: I mean I work out more than you do that's all
Him: You look great
Him: I bet lots of women couldn't do that
Me: You can shut up now
Him: ok
Him: Your hair is pretty
Me: Bite me
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