Friday, August 10, 2012

Let it Die Already

Another month and only one post
I should let this blog die already
But...I cant
Even if I ignore it shamelessly, don't give it any attention, forget it is there...kind of like my friends
and extended family.
Hi Friends!
Hi Family!
I still love you thanks for not giving up on me

Before the economic collapse, depression, recession, slow down what ever you want to call it
I worked all the time because OMG all that money
I also did a lot more things out side of the home because OMG lets spend all the money
Now I am poor and work all the time and OMG I need money
So what do I do
I work
I watch a lot of tv
I work
I babysit my grandson every other weekend (The whole weekend, well last week we packed his crabby ass up and took him home early but anyway, how awesome a Grandma am I?)*actually not that great if my mom wasn't here helping I couldn't do it.

I cook and eat
OMG do I eat
Big fat ass

I am starting myfitnesspal today.(

Its pretty cool app and its free, you can track points and exercise

I was going to exercise yesterday but someone took my Dance Central disc out of Xbox
(Kid wanted to play a video game or something)
It happened when my daughter, son in law, grandson stayed with us for five days when they were out of power last month? month before? Its all a blur

Funny story on that.
We were all on edge after day five.
I was mentally patting myself on my back for how cool and calm I was when they were driving me nuts.
The last night daughter said
OMG I cant wait to get away from you people
You are having trouble living with US?
How can that be?
I was utterly shocked to think that she was having a hard time too
I mean come on....ME? Who doesn't want to be around ME???
It was probably her Dad driving her nuts

I think it's on the bottom of the entertainment center somewhere, but to get it i would have to like bend over and stuff
So maybe today
Baby steps right?

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