Monday, October 31, 2011

Are you Kidding ME

I have a 90 pound pure bred Golden Retriever
He is beautiful, majestic, lovable and I think he has lost his mind.
We moved Mom in and had to move the litter box
He pissed in it
Gallons of piss!
If you are a long term reader you may remember my post where he tried to take a crap in it
But seriously??
What dog does this?
I am soooo mad at him
Do you think he is jealous the cat gets to go inside
Do you think he is marking his territory?
Do you think he is just ohh............I dont ASSHOLE
I am kind of scared to google it I dont know what sort of images would pop up
Maybe this content will bring some awesome links from Big Brother and I will look then

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's UP?

Good lord I never blog anymore
What is up with that
Am I boring now?
I dont seem boring
I laugh all the time at my own jokes like I always have
So what is going on?
Let's see..
Mom is all moved in
We took a whole week to move her
I moved tons of boxes
Up and down stairs
Up all day unpacking packing hustling sweating moving
I lost exactly ZERO pounds
I am so fat ugh evidently I should stop eating along with exercise
What a rip off
I think she likes living with us
I like her here

Still broke gah it sucks
It wouldnt be so hard if I had not had those few years where money was no problem
Sigh those days

Sophie is growing up and isn't really a lap kitty like she was when she was a kitten
But when she does it means more I suppose
She tortures Goober to death but only because she loves him the most

Gamma news
The girl is preggy is due soon ...yay a boy
Gonna be a gamma soon woot

That is about it
Hope you are all doing well dear internet friends

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back to Work

So I gave you my list of things we were suppose to do on our 9 glorious days off
Happy to say we did them ALL
YAY us
Sad to say
It took all 9 days
UGH at home vacations suck
No not really it was nice to be off and do things right and not rush
But now I am back to work and like totally forgot everything I am suppose to be an expert at being second level support
Oh well

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have been at my new job a year
You know what that means
A whole week
We are taking an at home vacation this year
Because we are poor
Anyway here is a list of things we need to get done
Clean house
Move Mom in
Fix the gutters (because they are going to drop our home owners if we dont)
I wonder why it took them 8 years to notice the gutters had fallen down?
Oh well
I wonder where the Adams Family gets their insurance
I will keep you posted on if and when we get any of those things done
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