Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Frontiers

I have always been conscious of the fashion world
Is this in style?
Does this fit right?
Are my shoes shiny or scuffed?
Do I have a run in my pantyhose?
That lady has a fake Gucci bag.
Who does she think she is fooling?
But working at home I am all do my pajamas match
Should I wear a bra?
So going out is a bit more challenging
I have to find real clothes
For the real world
Didn’t I use to have a lot of them?
Where did they go?
Oh right I grew out of them
Not that my taste has changed because I have matured but that I really grew out of them because my arse is bigger.
Since I am getting old and going to doc more than before, either from me stepping on TOOTHPICKS or going with mom I have become fashionably aware of medical aids
She has a nice wheelchair
That’s a nice cane look you can sit on it
Wow look his cast it is blue
When I had to use crutches to go to doc after TOOTHPICK incident I was so proud of myself that I had a pair.
Thrown in storage for years
I am so thrifty
Look I didn’t throw these away
I knew I would need them
Until I was in docs and saw some kid with his shiny new ones, with blue arm pit foam thingys
I looked at mine and they were black
And cracked from age
And wth is that a cobweb on the handle?
I definitely am going to have to step up my game as I get older
But then again
With my mismatched jammies on
And my nasty old crutches in hand
The doc did say I have samples so you don’t have to get a script
It's rather expensive.
Maybe I am on to something.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Handy Man Part Three

I call this picture, Let's hope not!

I have mentioned how handy my man is
and here
But that's neither here nor there.
Today's story is :
Our overhead light went out in the kitchen.
Acutally we have two.
I changed the first one when we first moved in our home.
It's really not hard as you would think, you just have to clip some wires together and ground it, couple screws.
I told hubby go get me a new one at Home Depot.
They had one like for 12 bucks!
He is terrified of anything electrical.
My feeling is if it wasn't a do it yourself type project, they wouldnt sell it at Home Depot.
Yes I know they sell sewer pipes there along with roof shingles but my point still stands.
I can do it.
So Mom and I had this convo.

ME :I am going to replace that light today
HER: Is Dave going to help you
ME: He is going to hold the chair
HER: Oh I have that step ladder thingy over there
ME: Great I will use that
HER: What will Dave do then
ME: Tell me everything I am doing wrong

Hahahaha so true so true

Gotta love working together.

Friday, March 25, 2011

All of US

And here it is!
The entire family in one photo that gamma has been moaning about for years

From left to right
Riley the dog
Amanda my Niece
Anthony my Nephew
Liz my future Sister in Law
My Brother Shane
Max the dog
My Son in law Brian
My Daughter Christy
My Mom carol
Hubby Dave

PS If you are interested in having one done you can contact him here
The couple shots listed below were around 30$ I am not sure what he is charging for the large family
But you would have to send him a photo and fill out a short questionnaire so he can capture your "essence" as he has done us

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Family Pics

This is a picture of my brother and his lovely fiancée
Since he shuns all cameras and scowls if you hint at taking a candid shot, my son in law made this for me.
Isnt it cute?
He is so talented!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goober Speak

When Hubby is home he likes to do Goober's voice
Goober says HI
HI Mommy!
What you doing mommy?
It's cute in an annoying way.

The other night he was doing this and said
Where you going Mom?
To the kitchen?

No Goober I have to pee

But your going through the kitchen?
Are you getting something to eat?
I know you eat a lot.
You getting something?

I eat a lot?
You are acting like an asshole Goober!

I am sorry!
i didnt mean it!

I certainly hope not.

So I told my daughter what an asshole Goober/Hubby was being and she said
Why's he being all judgemental?
He is just jealous he doesnt have apposable thumbs
If he did his fat ass be in the fridge all day long.
They are all crazy

Thursday, March 10, 2011


When you call customer support
And they ask you to do a survey
Or email you one
Complain all you want about the policy of company
But if your agent was nice
And she is just delivering a hard message
Make a note of that too...
Better yet you can ask to talk to a superverisor and tell them what an awesome agent you had
For us little people
Who have to sit through one on ones
With our boss and listen to how our surveys suck
Because we cant help the customer
Because we are not magical

Just saying!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Family Pics

This is my Mom
Better known as Gamma
Thats her kindle in her hand
We got her a decorative cover for it for Christmas
If you notice she has on a pair of glasses and also a pair on her head
Thats because she always puts on her spare pair when she cant find her reading glasses

Once again this is brought to you by my son in law
He does commission work in case you are interested

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Addicted Part Two

No spring here yet
No sweets in house
Have resorted to putting sugar on toast
No sugar in house
Wait wait
That stupid mason jar that I discussed here
It has sugar in it
Oh yes I did
No I am not addicted
Not at all

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Pics

I read lots of blogs
I love it when bloggers put pictures of their family up
So I thought I would do that
Since my family runs at the sight of a camara
Or they flip it off
Or hide behind hand
My son in law drew me some
Yes it looks just like us

Me Hubby and Goober

and here is the daughter and her artist hubby along with their dog Max
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