Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cookie Monster

Hubby and I went on a litte errand run together
We went to the ATM
Got Gas
Swung by CVS to pick up essentials
Milk, Diet Mountain Dew,and Beer
I meant essential to us not everyone haha
Anywho during the fray of grabbing our crap so he could hurry and get home and get a beer I snuck in a bag of Milano Cookies on the counter
The Cashier scanned and bagged them right away
I dont think he even noticed
She then rang up rest asked for his CVS card and ID
Why oh why do we have to have those dumb retail cards
All is good and lady still has my cookies in the bag out of reach
everyone is grinning
Hubby has hands full waiting to bolt out door with his cargo
Lady grinning
and I had to go
ummmmm Could I have my cookies please
Oh your cookies!
You dont want to forget your cookies!
I was going to keep them
I love those kind of cookies!
Those are my favourite cookies.
Here you go.

God sometimes I hate people

Monday, February 21, 2011


Snow sleet Ice

Its driving me crazy!
I need to see some sunshine soon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shut up and Blog

Ive noticed something.
When something interesting happens to ME, my friends and family ask me if I am going to blog about it
And I am all like um no I am telling you about it now
You should blog about it
blink blink
Is this a new way to say shut up just write it down and I will read it later
Or maybe they like the way I blog things and find it amusing
Maybe the story is so freaking fantastic they think i should write it and share it with the WORLD
Oh no
Could it be my blog is boring and they are making suggestions
That would be a much better story then the crap you normally blog about.
Either way
Per request

The Toothpick

I stepped on a toothpick
Well really I lumbered my big arse down the stairs a toothpick was stuck on rug standing straight up and I impaled my foot on a toothpick
I promptly was all WTH and lots of cussing
Since half of it was sticking out of my foot I tried to pry it out with my hand
No go
Then I used tweezers
It was in there too deep wouldnt budge
I used my teeth
Amazing how flexible you are if you are desperate
Alas it all splintered off leaving half of it straight through my foot
I called the doc and they said oh it might come out on own soak it
But then my toes turned purple and there was a big knott on one of them
I couldnt bend my toes
Next day I went to doc and he had to numb my foot cut it and use plyers to get it out
Half the toothpick
It went all the way through my foot
Then he showed me the hole on my toe where it had tried to come through
So from the ball of foot up through foot and out of toe!

Sniff I had to get shots and stuff
and soak it and watch for infection
Then the pain pills made me nauseous
I couldn't take them
Sniff poor me

Of course I blabbed on facebook
Video chatted
Gave lots of gory details
Told all my friends on msn

ping I cant walk
ping it went through my foot
ping my foot is this color
ping I am on crutches

Yes I am a big baby
I confess it

SO there
Its all blogged about and I will shut up about it now


PS I can bend my toes now woohoo

So back to your regulary scheduled boring shallow blog

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Make your sweetie take you out to dinner

It will be fun lol

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I want

Dont you just want one for your own.
Article is here

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am not Addicted

I love how I can convince myself that I have no vices
No addictions
These are all personal choices
Not because I have too
I enjoy smoking
It relaxes me
That works fine until you find yourself standing in the alley behind a non smoking building next to the dumpster in the pouring rain
Same thing on my Doc prescribed meds
I can take them or leave them
That is until I am out and have a mental melt down
Or swell up because I havent taken bp meds in three days
Its all my choice people
But last night..........
After being snowed in for 4 days
No sweets in house
Well anyway let me explain.....
My daughter made my SIL a decorative mason jar containing all the ingredients for choco chip cookies in it
The Choco chips were on the top which I promptly ate
Then I bought another bag and filled it up and ate those too
but then...........
Stranded today
snowed in
no sweets.
I noticed some chips had fallen throughout the jar
So of course....
I strained them to get out the chips through the pasta strainer
I got half a handful
No I am not addicted
Not at all

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Been watching Radar a lot because we are in the middle of a blizzard warning
One of my friends posted this on face book
Which I promptly stole to share with you

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