Thursday, October 28, 2010


I want the kinect for xbox as I have already told everyone
But there is a Zumba game you can use with it too!
While researching it on you tube I saw this video
Its long but I am sharing because
1. it shows you an entire zumba class
2. watch the lady in the green shirt (that would be my mom if we took one)
3. the lady right behind her? That would be me if we took a class


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I soooo am getting one of these
I need one of these
We all do
YAY xbox

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Learn to Read

I am taking some classes
They are kind of intense
So difficult in fact the tests are open book
The first test I took I got a 90 and the second I got an 86

On an open book test.

The instructor assures us we are not all stupid as a 92 was the highest score on the first exam
But seriously
An open book test?
How can you miss any if you are able to look at the book?

My family says I am too hard on myself
But fess up dear internet
Wouldnt you be a tad bit upset if you didnt get 98 to 100 on a test that you can refer to the book with the answers in it?

Yes I am that competative

Anywhoo at this point I am glad that I am passing
But you know what I am blaming it on the internet
Who reads an entire article anymore
The internet is all bold headlines
I glance through get little bits here and there
Lindsy Rehab
Mel rants click here to LISTEN (not read I dont have time)
You Tube
LOLCatz (doesnt even spell properly )
I can has a link?
Oh click here to lose weight.
Pop up Buy me.
click here for slide show.
CTRL F find
Where is it? I dont have time read entire page.
I am a busy woman

Honestly once I think about it its amazing I can even read a book.
Yay me then

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tax Credits?

Work at home office 

I am setting up my new office
While looking at the screen I thought to myself this screen is too small
It is so tiny
I need a 17 inch
Off to ebay
Yup there is one I will make a bid
Oh wait.
I have a 17 inch I needed a 19
Next my headset wont work with the software I need
Dang it
Off to buy another one
Shoot this one doesnt work either
Oh wait I have to disable the onboard speakers
Dang it now they both work
I had to run some cable extensions
Although the length was right it wouldnt fit in the slot properly
What the heck its too long
Ill squeeze the end in
Argh still wont work
Why is this plastic thingy so much bigger then the other one
Ill melt it a bit with my lighter it doesnt lack much to fit
Oh wait that doesnt go in there
Shoot it goes in here
Argh now it wont fit at all
I had to rush out and buy two new cables
Why did I want this office again
OH right that is it
I can be more efficient and make more money
I forgot

I hope I can write all this crap off on my taxes at least

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I went to Staples to pick up something and saw they had all their office chairs on display
Rows and rows of different types and colors
I was happily sitting in them all but lets face it an office chair is an office chair and they all bite
Each and every chair was marked between 89 to 99 dollars so what can one expect.
I was happily plopping my fat butt in them all to see if any of them are better than the crappy one I have at home
That seems a fair price so I am sure I can find one I like
I am not that picky
But then...
I sat in a chair
That was plush
And soft
And so freaking comfy
OMG I am so buying this chair for 99$
It was 399$
Marked down from 499$
Out of dozens of chairs I find the one that is 5 times as much
Why is this chair here
Now none of them are worth a crap
Because the only chair I want now is the one I cant afford
When I was a young girl my mom would constantly berate me for my champagne taste on a beer budget
Or accuse me of my snobbery
Even though we were on welfare I didnt like Honey Os because I like Cheerios and I know they exist so I will just have some toast thank you very much.
But now I see I am not a snob
I am just aware
Aware there are better things out there and if I cant have them I dont want anything.
Who can be happy sitting in a crap chair after knowing there is the most comfortable beautiful chair in the world
So see
It is not my fault
It is bait and switch
So what did i do dear internet
I didnt buy any chair and stuffed a pillow behind my back
I blame Staples for making me aware my office chair sucks
Snob indeed

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living Green

I call this picture
I dont know why it is upside down 

I need a sound proof office
I surfed all over the web for tips and tricks
They showed me lovely homes redone in sound proof dry wall 
With insulation
Beautiful rooms with gleaming walls to put your 6 foot desk and 40 inch monitor and paper mache flowers.
Um Yah
I dont want to spend money I want to make money
Whats a poor lazy white trash girl to do?
I will tell you
I threw every single area rug down on the floor for a wonderful visual  of 18 different colors overlapping to cover the worst stains
I pounded in nails all over the concrete walls and hung up all my too small, out of fashion, why did I buy this clothes.
Sprayed Fabreeze all over them to mask the dust, mold , closet must and  how old is this crap anyway smell
and Wah LAH
Can you hear me now?
No No I cant 
How about when I scream really loud for someone to bring me a soda
Nope cant hear you now either 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Honey Im home

There are a lot of catch sayings around to announce your arrival home
The boring
I'm home


Fred flintstone screaming

There is Mr Cleaver's condescending
Honey I'm home.

Even better is Cheers exuberant

But my niece has beat them all.

When she was a toddler she would run into your home and announce with arms up over her head
I'm here!

And yes dear internet that is now my catch phrase upon entering anyones home.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Iphone Love

I love my iphone
I got one when they first came out
I listened to so many lectures on why I shouldnt buy one.
Why it would fail.
Why it was over priced
I even nicknamed one co worker IPHONE HATER and that is who he is now and forever more
But the people who seemed most offended by the Iphone are Blackberry owners
I do not know why
I think the Blackberry is awesome too.
I just love my Iphone
I have no hate for the Blackberry
but this...........
is hilarious
epic fail photos - Autocomplete Me: Consumer ALERT FAIL
see more funny videos

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Stop telling me what to do!
This is what hubby said to me the other day
We have been married for 24 years
You are just now saying this?
After 24 years?
Yeah I am going to change
Well I did change a little
Now I scream this out in any conversation possible.
Dont forget to pick up cigs..
Oh yah..
This will be fun
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