Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Discussions Everyone Should Have

The kids came over Saturday
It was a fun visit
I love it when they visit.
They were showing me how to use an xbox
But while they were showing me all the features I saw you could get movies on demand through Netflix
So I was all like lets watch movies
No dont show me anymore features MOVIES NOW!
Anyway we were watching Zombie land
At one point I said
If I ever get bit by a zombie would you....YES was the reply
Yes we will shoot you in the head
Don't worry
Then I think they argued over who would get to do it
I am not really sure because I was laughing too hard
AWWWW  Family got to love them

Thursday, September 23, 2010

F.U. Pay ME

There is a scene in the movie Goodfellas that always makes me laugh
Business is slow?
F.U. Pay me
Kids in college?
F.U. Pay me.
I dont remember it line for line but basically it is all Who cares Pay ME!

Did you know.....
When bill collectors call
If you hesitate..........
They start to negotiate
Things like....
You can post date the check....
Then they say oh it cost such and such for the pay by check fee
Hesitate again they waive it......
Hesitate some more they will waive the late fee....
isnt that nice to know

Monday, September 20, 2010


Things are going well
I am very happy today
So really the only thing one can say is
YAY what a great day
Hope you are doing well too internet

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where is Gamma?

I call this picture  shameless affiliate link

My mom got herself a kindle
and instead of buying books I hooked her kindle up to my account so she can read my library
I have like 185 books on mine
I havent spent any time with her in a week
Then when she did come over she had her kindle in her purse
I caught her reading it while I was talking and being amusing.
I got replies like
Oh Really!

Hmm if it wasnt so cool that my mom is all techy and has a ebook reader now, I would be offended.
Anyway she loves it
she likes it because its lightweight,and you can make the font HUGE!

If you want to know what to buy your parents for xmas I would recommend getting them one
They have really went down in price too

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eastdown and off key

This show on HBO called Eastbound and Down is about a baseball player who loses his game
After being rich and famous he is back home living with his brother teaching PE at a school in his former home town. Poor, forgotten, but not down at least in his own mind.
He is still convinced he will be back on top
The only thing he has left from his glory days is his jet ski which he takes out when times get bad to get his head together.

I do the same thing in my sports car
Top down
Music blaring
I go fast down two lane country roads singing as loud as I can
My mom called and my voice was so hoarse she thought I was crying LOL
But no I am just doing my own Eastdown and out but I do mine louder and off key

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tammy's Theory of Relativity

Having been accused of being mean, I like this cartoon.
Maybe I am mean
I prefer to think of myself as a sarcastic wit.
But you know it's all relative
to me of course
I am going to try and not be so funny,charming,sarscastic,honest,myself
at least for awhile
Sounds boring to me though 
Don't tell anyone dear internet for all my being mean I am really a softy and I hate how people see right through me.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

I havent blogged this week because I have been kind of sad
Our cat has gone missing
Her collar the one with the bell on it had come off the day before and I didnt get her a new one.
The next day she came up missing
My daughter was over and went door too door with a picture but no one has seen her
I called the shelters and vets in area no help.
I put an advert in the paper and the few times the phone has rung I answer it with my hopes up high.
People are calling to offer me their unwanted cat
People are calling to offer me their unwanted kittens
One called to scold me for letting her out
Another called to say she saw a couple dead cats on the road and although they didnt match my cats description she is probably dead and I should have never let her outside.
All I can say is.
What is wrong with people
Dont call an advert for a missing pet unless you think you have found her
Save us some more grief please
Either way I am going to think some other family adopted her
A family with out a dog who likes to try and and hump her.
Maybe one who will keep her inside all the time even though she will eat her way through screens.
I just am going to think she is much happier now.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life Altering

How did I not think of this

I found this on this web page
But you know what
How did I not think of this
I already know you need to unwrap 10 kisses before you begin eating them

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Country Living

If you read my blog you know that I love my small adopted town
When I was 17 and going into my senior year of high school my mom moved us from the city to this itty bitty town.
Not the one I am in now but fairly close
The first day of school a fire truck went by and the entire class ran to the window to see what was going on.
I jaded city girl stayed seated and thought WTH and looked at the teacher up front
But he wasnt up front
He was at the window straining to look over the students and saying
Does anyone see anything?
They all turned around and there I sat alone and erm .....amused, horrified, flabbergasted, staring at them all in contempt.
Now of course I get it.
I like small towns
But there is still a city girl in me that doesn't like everything country.
Things like bugs, no mass transit, lack of sidewalks, stores closing on Sunday.
Which brings me to this video
Warning the man uses graphic language so if you are easily offended dont click it
I think the laugh is worth it.
This is how I felt when I was rudely transplated from my metro life and I can soooo relate to this poor guy
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