Monday, June 28, 2010


Just makes me laugh

Saturday, June 26, 2010

ugh sorry

Sorry no updates
I lost my iphone last week
Very depressing as I love it soooooo much
I am going to have to buy another :(
I dont really have the money so I will have to try have a garage sale next week raise funds
So sad though :(
I hope you are all having a nice week 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things Dad's do

Things Dads do

Change diapers
Take you to preschool
Take you to your first day of school
Watch Ren and Stimpy with you in jammies
Dress up like Barny at your 6th bday party
Take diva wife, you and your best friend camping and fishing
Listen to them complain and moan and cry the entire weekend and still think it was fun
Drive diva wife, you and your best friend on yearly vacations
Listen to us yammer complain giggle and be generally annoying with no complaint
Stop at every flea market, mall, silly attraction, ill timed rest stops along the way
Teach you how to fish
Teach you how to drive
Teach you  how to change a tire
Not beat the crap out of the boys you brought home
Make up a silly pet names for you
Love us all

I am so jealous of you for having such a father.
But I am really blessed with such a hubby

Happy Fathers Day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothing Special

I have a friend I met online
We both are married
Our hubbies act the same way (Big babies)
We have the exact same livingroom furniture
They have one daughter
They take their daughters best friend on vacations just like I did with my girls best friend.
We are the same age
We have the same kind of dog
Her daughter even collects ducks like mine does
We went on vacation together and were asked numerous times if we were sisters
We have the same laugh.(think of chickens clucking)
We ping each other on msn the exact second the other person sits down in front of puter
We work the same schedules(stupid early)
The other day I told her to put the cake down put it DOWN and she was all omg how did you know.
Our moms have been married and divorced the same amount of times ( I wont say but its unusual)
We both moved a lot as kids and went to same number of different schools.
We were both slutty,wild,out of control,fun before we got married.
We both spend way too much money
It is creepy I tell you
It means I am not such a weirdo because there is another one of me out there HAHA
I really like her a lot
Does that mean I am like even more in love with myself than I thought?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to Wash your Car

Ask hubby  if he will do it
Tell him never mind you will do it
Whine you cant find car stuff
Whine you cant get hose hooked up
Wash the tires first rather then last
Put too much soap on it
Do it all wrong
Thank him for helping when he grabs sponge in disgust and does it himself
Try to dry it with a bath towel
Look confused as he screams out in horror and grabs the shammy
Tell him he was right that looks much better
Tell him you are tired working so hard does he mind cleaning up mess
Thank him for his help

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sentenced for Life

I have mentioned being adult ADD before somewhere in my blog
I dont feel like linking it
Ha go figure (its like details man no time for details)
Anywho..... dinking around with my meds and off them for a few days

This is not a good thing
Before I was diagnosed I was always STRESSED OUT
Stressed because the ADD mind has alot of things going through it.
A lot of projects to complete.
A lot of new projects wanting to be started and of course, all the silly annoying things to do with living.
Things like oh I don't know cooking,cleaning,working,care giving,living anything that is a pain in the @ss.

Long ago stress would boil over and I would lose it in the stupidest ways
Usually screaming at some poor min wage worker, doctor, customer service rep, loved one, who ever was in the way.
The bad thing about an Adult with ADD is there is no filter i
n our brain
We are also usually clever, articulate, and brutally honest.
McD employee screws up your change, scream at manager that you should put her non change counting butt back on fries and to shove the free apple pie for your inconvenience up your..never mind
Doc receptionist says doc will see you as soon as he can when you ask how late they are running, scream out loud how happy you are that they are going to see us as soon as they can, you thought they were dilly dallying around but are so relieved to know they are trying to get to you AS SOON AS THEY CAN, but that isnt what you asked is it? You asked how behind he was running but thank you for youur assurances!

Yah that was me
OMG what a horrible woman!
I am not that person anymore.
Sadly I thought it was because I had matured and grown and was a kinder happier wiser person

No I have not
Because after a couple days off said meds, while pulling out of the parking lot of the center with a check cashing store, a rent a center, and a Fashion bug, a woman in a junky car almost hit me.
We both stopped like you do when you have near collisions and she was looking at me I assumed she was scowling but later my mom pointed out she was just old and toothless and screamed at her
I screamed out
WTF you almost hit me, are you in that big of a GD hurry to make your rent a center payment you stupid B?
Yes dear internet I did

Going back on my meds
I guess I haven't grown or matured
I just had that awful woman drugged up tied and gagged and buried inside me

Why am I sharing?
Because I feel really really bad
I wish I knew who that lady was so I could tell her I am sorry
I wouldn't blame it on not being on my meds either because that part of me is who I am and I don't like her very much
Lets tie her mean self back up and throw her in the closet and keep taking the meds that are the key to keeping her in there.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Do List

To do
Nothing much going on to blog about
My to do list is rather short and boring and just weird
See below
-Let chin hair grow so I can wax it
-Get cat louder bell so she quits bringing dead bird carcasses into house
-Get the knot out of goobers butt hind quarter area
-Get hubby to swap out window air conditionor because its squeaky
-Wait for Sundays premeire of True blood
-Find a new book to read
-Pull weeds in flower bed to plant spring flowers, oh wait its June, hmm Summer flowers then

Arent you all just like jealous of my life


Saturday, June 5, 2010


So it has been a month since I joined Curves
I have been going religiously,regularly,a lot,at least once a week.
I am down two pounds!
Yay it must be the diet I have been following,religiously,regularyly,faithfully,half arsed!
Go Me!
This month I am going to try really hard, sorta hard,hard, kind of, to do better

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who is really in Charge

Goober thinks the day bed is his
He also thinks He allows me to lay on it now and again depending on his mood
The cat is just as bad
This is me trying to take a nap
I wonder what she is saying to him because he looks terrified

I was so scared for him I couldn't get a nap in
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