Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Honey Don't List

I know there are a lot of wives who have Honey Do Lists
I had never heard of this phenomenon until I worked with a bunch of men
They would go on how they got some things off the honey do list done over the weekend.
I remember when I heard what it was, that it seemed silly
These are grown men why do they have to have their wives tell them what to do
I have never been one to nag or tell a grown man to fix things he knows are broken.
They all assured me that it helps, so I thought I would give it a go.
I put three things on a list
Simple things
Hubby was off work for a week for a week so three seemed a good start.
Convo below
Me: Did you do anything on that list
Him What list
Me The honey do list
Him what
Me Remember I wrote down three things you could do on your week off
Him Oh yah I buried that wire in yard
Me What wire
Him That one you said Goober dug up
Me That wasn’t even on the list.
Me You used your foot
Me You were holding a beer at the same time
Him Yah
Him So that’s done

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goober is a Bed Hog

Yes that is me yammering snorkling cackling in the background

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adventures in Typos

Adventures in Typos

On msn
Me: I bought Hubby a magnifying glass for his sock
Her  :What?
Me: You know a magnifying glass so he can see
Me: It's hard getting old cant see anymore
Me: He can use it in garage
Me: He has one in house but he always coming in to get it for garage so now he have one out there
Me: It's 5 x oh and it lights up
Her: Erm did you say you got him a magnifying glass for his “#$#”ock (rhymes with sock)
Me What? No his sock, his Christmas stocking

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nail Biting Experience

I am trying to be less high maintenance and Diva like to save money
I thought I would try and do my own nails.
I have gotten my nails done for years.
It doesnt look that hard.
Put some goop on, buff the heck out if it, paint it, easy peasy
Plus instead of wasting time at salon I could do it at my leisure at home.
I know!
I am so smart and thrifty.
Yay me!

So I bought this.

Thats a lovely start.
I still missed the airbrush designs on tips though.
So i bought these

And these
But these are boring after a while.
Plus when you put the goob on over top they fade you can barely see the design after all that buffing.
So I bought this.

Which of course is worthless without these

But ...
I found something out.
Doing nails is HARD!
If I let my ADD self do them I am constantly at them
Buffing,redoing, starting over, reapplying,painting, ruining brushes, losing nails in embarrassing places and at inconvenient times, making my cuticles bloody, and even forcing hubby to airbrush them for me.

When I think on it, I have decided I am really wasting my time.
Time in which I could be working and making money
So to save money and be all frugal
I made an appointment today to go here.

I think I can make a nice gift basket out of all the crap left over from these kits and save money on a gift too!
See what I mean?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

YAY Cookies

Me and Hubby made cookies last night
Was quite funny as we were quite drunk by the time we got to decorating part.
I wonder if you can tell?
Some of the gingerbread men look a little deranged
Oh well , it was fun and its the best thing to eat for breakfast when you are hungover

Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple Now

Great news.

If you are away from your puter and your bookmarks and readers but dying to read my blog, you can now just type in

and it will bring you here

I might even rename this blog header to Mandatory Blog

It just says it all doesn't it?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Major Award

I have been entering a lot of sweepstakes lately
So far I have won

A pair of skis
A samsung behold II cell phone
A Idrive portable usb back up drive.

Needless to say I have been stalking my mailbox, email, and my heart stops when the UPS or Fed Ex driver goes by.
I read the sweepstakes forums on peoples suprise wins.
Things will just show up on peoples porches.
Prizes they didnt even remembering entering.

Yesterday a suprise box showed up on my porch.
YAY a win!
Told dear hubby, look a win!
YAY a major award.
This is what it was.

OHHH Goober won a major award.

But wait, its not a award
Its a christmas pressy for goober from my florida friend

Goober says thanks

No he isnt spoiled
Not at all
No I am not full of myself expecting major awards every day
Not at all

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's an F'd Up Life

We watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas season.
Hubby watches because he thinks it sentimental and sweet.
I watch it because it is so messed up and twisted and can’t believe I am only one who seems to realize it.
I am going to assume you have seen the film and began my rant.

Yes, life would suck if George hadn’t been born but what if George had made a few different decisions
His brother would be alive because he would be there to save him still it happened when they were young.

The pharmacist wouldn’t have killed off some poor family in his drunken haze because George was still at home he hasn’t gone any where yet, no worries.

So let move on to George first dumb arse attack

He stays to work the family business to send his brother to college instead.
Ok that’s cool.
He could have turned it around if he had any sense and made enough money so they wouldn’t have to worry about Evil Rich Mr. Potter.
He could have fired his dumb stupid Uncle Billie or put him on phones rather than handling cash.

On to George and his next escape gone awry

Little brother gets married and his new wife doesn’t want to him to work in Bedford Falls
Too bad
That’s your problem little man
No one told him to marry the shrew anyway
Heck they didn’t even know her and besides that she knew what she was signing up for.
George should have said I am out of here.

Ok so let’s say he doesn’t
There is a run on the bank and his new wife gives their honey moon money away.
First off if George was any good he would already have cash equity built up in bank
Heck he was there what five years?
Not only does his new wife give away all their money she happens to save enough back to buy some crappy run down home and informs him on their first night together that she always wished they would be trapped there forever.

So what does George get out of living this life of self sacrifice?
What is his reward?
He doesn’t have to go to jail for something he didn’t do!


What a F'd up life.
George you should have grown a pair.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Goober says

It is time to go to bed already!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time to Care

Last year I was working a full time office job along with putting 30 to 40 hours in my at home business.
I made gobs of money.
I also did this for the family Christmas Tree

I believe I plopped it on there exclaiming
Merry Flipping Christmas!

This year I dont work at the office any more
I put this tree up.
I got to look at each decoration and remember when it was acquired.
I even got a little weepy when I put the green macoroni ornoment made by the girl in daycare

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS Dont get me wrong, still miss the money and my New Years Resolution is to work more
But it is a nice tree

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Love

My Girl just got married last May
They are so in love
She uploaded this picture onto Facebook.
Look it's two struedels
One has the arm around the other.
ME: How cute. One for each of you.
Her: No, I ate them both.
Her: But I sent him a picture.


That is my kid

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time Warp

The hubby got a day off work this week
Tuesday to be exact
Weird I know
So on Monday night he is acting like it’s a Friday and keeps me up yammering till 1130
I am up at 4am so was you know kind of tired
Tueday night,I fall asleep at 9pm


You woke me up to ask me that?
P.Od at him
Get up and can’t sleep
At 11:30 (he is up at 430am) I holler at him

Ahh blessed revenge is sweet.
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