Sunday, September 30, 2012

Windy City

My job is sending me to do training in Chicago
4 Days paid hotel
3 Days training
We are taking the train
Should be fun
I even went shopping and bought outside clothes
Well that's a lie
My mom bought them for me
Well that's a bigger lie she charged them for me
Thanks Mom!
I even tried on clothes that were too big and had to go down a size
I am such a home body and venturing outside I am all EEEEEE what 50000 things can go wrong.
Instead (Starting now) I am going to be all WEEEEEE Im going to Chicago
I promise to blog about it when I get home


  1. No worries,you will have will take good care of your kids at home lol

  2. I love Chicago! I hope you get to see the city a bit while you're there!

  3. Yeah we have a great hotel too with a city view Hotel 71 I am going to make sure we have fun!


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