Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'll Help

My mom is moving in with us
We decided since we are both stupid in debt if she moves she can save money and I can get rent woohoo!
So we are cleaning things out of my house to make room for her
While loading truck I fell off porch and did this..

It's not broken but I did tear a tendon or something
Same foot I put the toothpick in earlier this year
This is what it looks like now

Everyone at work said she pushed me off the porch because I was after her pension

Anyway needless to say since I am now all gimpified she is helping me more than I was helping her
Guess everyone else will have to help her move hehe

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yay Sales

Going to be a Gamma soon
We went to a bunch of garage sales today and you cant believe the deals we got
We found
Bedding 5 $
Stroller  10$
Swing  5$
Bouncing Chair 6$
Diaper Bag 1$
Changing pads a whole bag 1$
Wipes Warmer 5$

Can you believe it
God Bless the USA
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