Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's UP?

Good lord I never blog anymore
What is up with that
Am I boring now?
I dont seem boring
I laugh all the time at my own jokes like I always have
So what is going on?
Let's see..
Mom is all moved in
We took a whole week to move her
I moved tons of boxes
Up and down stairs
Up all day unpacking packing hustling sweating moving
I lost exactly ZERO pounds
I am so fat ugh evidently I should stop eating along with exercise
What a rip off
I think she likes living with us
I like her here

Still broke gah it sucks
It wouldnt be so hard if I had not had those few years where money was no problem
Sigh those days

Sophie is growing up and isn't really a lap kitty like she was when she was a kitten
But when she does it means more I suppose
She tortures Goober to death but only because she loves him the most

Gamma news
The girl is preggy is due soon ...yay a boy
Gonna be a gamma soon woot

That is about it
Hope you are all doing well dear internet friends


  1. any time now 30 weeks so anywhere from 6 weeks to 10 weeks! :)
    yay gramma moved in
    yay pets goober likes it

  2. So exciting that the baby is nearly here! Yay! Glad the move in for your mom went well. :)

  3. im happy living here i have dog cat daughter and son-in-law people laughing and happy together . good nice home u bet im happy :) ma

  4. oh no i put goober first again lol lol love u guys gramma :>)

  5. I don't think you're boring... just busy. I hate to break it to your daughter, but you can go two weeks past your due date ... one of my friends went three weeks... her baby was the longest baby they'd ever had at the hospital she went to :)

  6. oh i know Sapphyre lol it is her first so it should be interesting


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