Monday, October 31, 2011

Are you Kidding ME

I have a 90 pound pure bred Golden Retriever
He is beautiful, majestic, lovable and I think he has lost his mind.
We moved Mom in and had to move the litter box
He pissed in it
Gallons of piss!
If you are a long term reader you may remember my post where he tried to take a crap in it
But seriously??
What dog does this?
I am soooo mad at him
Do you think he is jealous the cat gets to go inside
Do you think he is marking his territory?
Do you think he is just ohh............I dont ASSHOLE
I am kind of scared to google it I dont know what sort of images would pop up
Maybe this content will bring some awesome links from Big Brother and I will look then


  1. Gallons? Seriously gallons? What a rotten doggie!

  2. Tammy, this is HILARIOUS! Pure greatness!! I don't blog anymore, but still read them and HAD to comment on this one. Hope you're doing great.

    "Bombastic Bandicoot"

  3. aww lisa im glad you are still around i miss your blog


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