Monday, August 29, 2011

Love Goggles

Do you all know what love goggles are?
It is when you look at someone and love them they look beautiful

I have a friend who went through major weight loss surgery
She lost 150 pounds and is thrilled
She is dating
Going to meet ups in her city
Going to dances
Going on walks
She is living life large
No pun intended
The thing that bothers me
Not about her
I am happy for her
She was really big so even after her wieght loss she has 50 pounds on me easy
We are the same height
She feels beautiful
I feel like a fat ass

It really is about how you feel about yourself isnt it?
I think we should all take a lesson from her
Lets get out there and love ourselves
Lets all put our love goggles on when we look in the mirror

Friday, August 26, 2011

True love

She loves him to pieces
He tolerates her
Poor Sophie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I am broke again
Big suprise
Actually was a couple unexpected expenses this time
The daughter needed some money to make rent
It was that or let them move in
OMG here is some money!
Kid I kid I love my kids
They could move in if they had too we wouldnt mind.
That is what family is for right?
Then I got the cat declawed as she thinks its fun to scratch me and watch me bleed
I also got her spaded because I use to watch the Price is Right
What is it with prices now?
I am always under bidding and Drew Cary lost all that weight but his head is still huge?
Yet another reason I shouldnt lose too much weight
I dont want to look like a bobble head!
Anywho .....that cost a bit more then I thought it would so came up short
No worries I will sell my treasures
I went to sell my xbox and my Son in law said I could get more for it at Gamestop
Yay Cash and GO
Then I found out that the cord that came with it is some jacked up piece of crap that is slowly killing it
and they wont buy it
Even my treasures are crap
I didnt really want to sell it anyway
I dont care if no one will buy it I will keep it dammit!
So then I tried to sell my lap top for a measly 300 dollars and only got 200 for it
Gah I have nothing
I bet my 600 dollar knee length 100 percent cashmere sweater left over from my glorified rich days wouldnt sell either
(clutches it crying)
Its probably not worth anything since the dumb cat scratched it up with her stupid claws when she decided it was nice to sleep on
Forget it I wont sell it
Ill wrap myself up in it and run old sitcoms through netflix on my piece of junk xbox  and sob
On another note
My new pool has turned a ominous cloudy colour
Maybe I will let it turn green
I'll plant some lilies in it and breed frogs
Can you sell frogs?
Maybe lick them?
Oh well
Chin up and all that
Lifes a bowl of cherries or pits,  a stale box of chocolates, lets have some mikes lemonade... oh whatever bite me

Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Artist at work

Here is a video of my son in law doing his magic
isnt he awesome

ps he works for commissions
pss and very reasonable

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Bacon Please

Gamma: I would like a bacon cheeseburger pizza
Hut: We dont really have those
Gamma: Well I dont know what I want
Hut: Well you can create your own so you can just order one
Gamma: I wouldnt know what to put on it
Hut: Well.......hamburger bacon cheese maybe
Gamma: Oh yah on a thin crust
Hut: ok
Gamma: And maybe EXTRA cheese
Hut: ok great that be there in 30 mins
Gamma OK

Gamma calls back
Hut Hi can I help you
Gamma Yes i ordered a bacon cheeseburger pizza but you didnt have any so I had to make one up and I forgot to put bacon on it so could you put bacon on it .....
Hut Who is this?
Gamma gives name
Hut ok We will add bacon

Few minutes later phone rings
Hut: We are confused you already ordered bacon did you want double bacon
Gamma: No
Hut ok 30 minutes
Gamma Hey can I have onion on it
Hut Sure! red or white?
Gamma Oh hell I dont know just do what you want
Hangs up

Suprisingly it was very good
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