Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Week in the Life

One 12 pack of Diet Mountain Dew for the daily consumption of one can each every morning for a happily married couple

Day One - Pop on counter, Wife makes glass of ice, puts one in freezer for hubby who is up 30 mins later.
Day Two - Still on counter, Hubby makes glass of ice puts one in freezer for wife up 30 mins later
Day Three - Still on counter, Wife up first waits 30 mins dry mouth hears hubby making his ice begs for him to make her one too
Day Four - Still on counter, Hubby up first makes his own ice yells at wife to put pop in fridge for the love of $%$% cant you put it in the fridge?
Day Five- Still on counter, each makes their own glare at each other
Day Six - Still on counter two empty ice cube trays in freezer

Ahh True love
Arent you jealous?



  1. where the heck is your housekeeper dont you pay her to do that :>)

  2. aww you love each other thats why it works gramma :>)

  3. LOL well i bought the next 12 pack will have to see who puts it away this week

  4. It's all that caffeine that's putting y'all on edge. LOL

    Hope you're doing well my friend; have a blessed week!


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