Friday, May 7, 2010

Garage Sales Diva Style

It's that time of year
Spring is here
You know what that means to this shopping diva, don't you?
Garage sales!
I love garage sales
But being a techno geek type diva we cant just be looking at newspapers
NO NO that is so so ....80s
What the stylish woman to do now?

You need this ap
Garage sale tracker
Available on iphone
Don't have an iphone?
No worries they are giving two of them away

Contest is here

Track sales in your area
Use the iphones GPS to map them
Use the iphones internet to see if you can sell your purchases on ebay
Use it to calculate costs
Just you know........ use it cuz it looks cool
Lets all enter this contest and do some serious shopping 2k style!

Good luck!

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