Friday, April 9, 2010

Walk this way.

I had to go to the court house to pay our property tax
I took my mother with me so I would look doubly sad trying to struggle to pay my property tax late
Poor me
Taking care my poor mother
Poor me dont I look sad and pathetic?
They were nice anyway and didnt care I paid late
Then they told me about some silly exemption that I wasnt aware existed would reduce my taxes by 1k a year and gave me some magical pink paper to apply.
20 years I have been paying 1000 dollars too much
20 years!
Now who is the pathetic one?

Anywho, I think our courthouse is lovely
All this marble for such a little town and the vaulted ceiling

We took the elavator up because mom said no way could she take those stairs.
She headed for the stairs to go down on way out.

Me: Dont you want to take the elavator
Her: Oh no going down is easy
Her: Ooooof, ugh. as she stumbles down two stairs catching herself
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg that is hilarious
Me: I am going to pee my pants
Her: Shut up
Me: Ok dont worry I wont blog about it
Her: What you doing
Me: Taking a pic of these steps
Her: Ugh you are so gonna blog about it

I couldnt resist dear internet.


  1. poor gamma LOL our courthouse has killer stairs too i think thats part of their master plan. the marble is gorgeous though hope you get a big return lol

  2. I could have saved 1k a year every year and no refund but next year i will not have pay as much

  3. thats pretty and yay thats good about getting things paid shame they cant back date you 20yrs sure if it was the other way round though they would want you to pay 20yrs!

  4. too funny! Glad you get to save some money, but sorry you didn't learn about it sooner. Hehe, still giggling about "No, going down is easy!!" Your poor mom!

  5. I feel special when you talk about me hehe and i did good on stairs yay mom lol

  6. Well we are pretty blessed not a lot goes on in our lives so little things make it to my blog

  7. Isnt it Dani? it seems so over the top for such a tiny town too


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