Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying too Hard

I have always worried a bit about trying to look too young

Is this skirt too short

Do these nails look stupid

Are they too long

Is the colour design too crazy

Do I look silly in my sports car

Should I tan just a little or a lot.

But now I have figured out the answer

Tanning today I am starting to think I may be too old.

First off the girls running it are like 80 pounds

They're hairstyles seem crazy

They wear way too many rings and good lord cover yourself up its not that hot outside

But what is really getting me thinking is ......the music

They play music in there and its all like WAY TOO LOUD

What is that screeching guitar sound?

Good lord why are the songs so long?

Yup I think I am getting old.

I will just have to take my ipod and listen to my old timey music next time.

Maybe an audio self help book



  1. I love tanning. I think I am addicted to it. Or was. Since I'v been caring for mom I can't tan. At home or in a booth. But my face is a bit to wrinkled and I am sure it is from to much sun. So maybe it is a good thing to stop tanning. Before I turn into leatherface. Scary.

  2. hmm I need to tan. maybe ill do mine the natural way on my bike! YAY

  3. yes i need a nice tan this year but i dont want to look like that woman pictured lol

  4. I live in England, white people here are White or Orange lol, lots of young girls like the orange look here from the self developing tan combined with sun beds, I nice healthy glow is good..

  5. Friend I think we have the same climate up north here where the sun only comes out a little bit each year to tease us before going back to those spoiled floridians


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