Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter dinner was lovely
But, whenever the family gets together we have to go on and tell the stories.
Course we always laugh as it is quite comical
I love my family
They are all so funny and the best trait amongts them is we can laugh at ourselves
It's a good thing because when my brother and I get together we always start in on my mom.
This year she said we always laughed at her when she tried to discipline us.

Her: I dont know why you always laughed it would make me so mad.
Me: Thats because all you would do is yell, Stop looking stupid.
Bro: No sometimes she would yell Stop being stupid.
Me: Or tell you to Get your thumb out of your ARSE.
Bro: She get mad if you laughed too.
Me: I guess it made us look stupid.
Bro: No I think it made her look stupid is why she got mad.
Her: Oh dont be stupid.


Either way, she was hilarious.
And yes I do on occasion, still look stupid.


  1. you sound like you have a great family

  2. Yes they are a lot of fun and very funny. As long as you laugh I think anyone can get on

  3. aww, sounds like a fun time. Our family loves picking on each other when we get together too. All in good fun. They love to pick on me for doing everything with one hand...I always had this thing with having both hands dirty at the same time so I perfected sweeping, mopping, cleaning techniques one-handedly. I never noticed (it was all done unconsciously), but they notice when they are visiting and LOVE to point it out lol.

  4. That sounds like something my family would make fun of too. We also touched on how brother wiggles his foot. Stop wiggling! you got that from your grandma! like wth?

  5. i cant believe you wrote this one, stop being stupid haha love you both ma

  6. haha I knew you would love it, I told Tina oh she gonna love this next blog entry

  7. Its great to be able to laugh at family after all they are the ones that know just how stupid you can be hehe

  8. Yep - we're all guilty of the stupid thing at one point or another. :)

    You're incredibly blessed to have such a fun family. I liked your mom's comment above, too. Very cute. :O)


  9. lisa yes I count my blessings all the time. She is cute

  10. TT my family could blackmail me easily all the things they know lol

  11. Stupid is my middle name. Sounds like great fun.

  12. lol i notice i say it a lot now. why are you looking stupid? didnt you hear what i said lol

  13. It's funny until you're the one trying to do the disciplining

  14. Hi Lanine thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog. I know we were terrible kids and didnt listen to her at all Its a wonder we turned out sooo good. One thing about growing up though we always felt loved and our house was full of laughter


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