Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Tell Me

I got an email saying I had been selected to win a prize
The contest listed was one I had entered
It had an attachment of rules prizes etc.
I checked the forum of sweepstakes I enter and its all legit
Prizes are
1st a 1000$ Best Buy card
2nd a Tivo DVR
3rd 100$ worth of dvds
I will take any of those
But the stupid thing said expect an email telling you how to claim your prize you have won
You did email
Why not tell me in that email
Now I am stalking my inbox like a nut
Do they just like to mess with you?

edit to add

I just read it again and it does say I won the family prize pack which is dvds 100 $ worth
YAY I wonder what they are?


  1. My goodness - you are one lucky lady! :O) Congrats!!

  2. Lisa I enter 100s of sweepstakes a month
    it is a bit of an obsession
    I use this forum
    they have thousands of them to enter its a lot of fun


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