Thursday, January 7, 2010

Assisting the Elderly

The Year before last, we went on a wonderful cruise

After the semi-formal dinner, we started drinking pretty heavy and ended up in the night club on the top deck
It was filled with 20 somethings.
We looked rather silly there but after a few drinks it didnt seem to matter as much.
One of the songs they played was Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

Since my hubby refused to dance with me to that crap and I was feeling all sorts of Awesome Couger like, I got up on the floor alone.
Pretty soon, this lovely twenty something young man joined in with me.
Bouncing off my sexy back.

But....(no pun intended)
That song is so long
I was getting winded, out of breath,flushed, breathing hard and not the good way.
After the song was over,FINALLY,I turned around patted him on the chest and said
Thank you so much for dancing with me.
Like a Grandma
Like I wasnt just letting him dry hump me two minutes ago
Thank you so much for dancing with me..........pat pat.........young man.

God I need My sexy back
Where did it go?



  1. I feel your pain, Grandma. My son is always instigating these ridiculous games and I always play but then all the sudden I'm like dying from old age.

  2. oooh no not a grandma yet thank you...

  3. Hey if my drunk brain remembers right my fat ass was out there on that same floor making a huge fool of myself grinding right along with you LOL

  4. Yes and the next year I think we were dry humping a pirate lol

  5. in my own defense the Pirate was really hot and sexy plus he never let our drinks even get half way empty, plus I have pics to prove we did more than just hump around him. and to make things even more funny, it was our old men that took the pictures. LOL

  6. oh dont even bring up those pictures, i might run for office one day

  7. Seriously, those are the photos I need to see.

  8. We will wait some day when we are rich and famous we can get high dollar for them lol

  9. I do remember during the mock ship battle, we saw the enemies captain looked just like Captain Jack whiles ours looked more like something out of a Laurel and Hardy film. We kept trying to jump ship.

  10. Theres still time yet! and would love to see the pics!


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