Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are you Messing with ME?

Sunday's high was 55 degrees
Today it got up to 22 degrees
Are you just messing with me now or what?

Also had to share this following convo with Dear Hubby.
The other night we are watching one of his stupid documentaries
This one on Big Foot
Is it real? Fake? Jury is still out!!

ME: That is so fake, those footprints. Next time I am in the woods I am going to make a Big Foot print.
Him: So that will be never?
Him: When are you in the woods?
Him Maybe if your plane crashed in the woods.
ME: Shut up



  1. no joke about the weather, ugh I am freezing over here maybe I'll have to turn the heat on UGH

  2. Okay, I am totally freezing and that is totally something my husband would say to me.

    And he would be right.


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