Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Drive By

Something different today.
I filmed a quick drive by of my adopted town Mayberry

You can see all the lovely homes, how close they are packed together and all the huge trees I am always yammering about.

Its really windy so the sound quality is terrible
Let me know if you see a house you would like more pictures of and I will try and feature it on a
Tuesday around Town entry

Also, you get to hear me yammering in the back ground and yes I do sound that silly in real life.


  1. ah thats nice i was thinking about doing one today too! I have to get john to film it though, your town looks so pretty!

  2. OH yay do one from your little UK town I will link it on here if you like?

  3. The colors are gorgeous. I am so jealous of your autumnal weather. And, the houses on display remind me so much of growing up in the Northeast. There are many in Baltimore of a similar design.

  4. What a beautiful community!!! The fall colors are spectacular too.

    UGH! I didn't know your blog had been moved! I was wondering why the heck you didn't have any new posts. Now I just put your new url into my reader so I will be keeping up with you again.

    I am SO glad you commented today!!!!

  5. I have been terrible commenting on you blue, I just caught up on all your posts. Thank goodness for twitter so I was reminded! I missed you lots

  6. Your neighborhood is so nice-I love the Victorian homes.

  7. I do too if i wasnt so lazy I would buy one to renovate but I can barely get my dishes done LOL

  8. good grief, tell hubby to slow down next time you do one of these lol. BTW, you sound so different from what I have thought all these years...I could have sworn we talked on the phone once or twice lol. I always thought your voice was huskier....maybe when we talked you had a cold. You sound so cute!! If I ever get up north to visit my family, I'll have to pop in and see you too (dontcha love how I just invite myself? Just get out the heavy duty furniture for me ;)! I think they live near you.

  9. LOL
    no thats my voice high and whiny
    I dont remember ever talking with you on the phone
    You must be thinking of someone else
    I know Sheri has a real sexy whisky voice
    Maybe it was her.
    All our furniture is super duper because I once sat on a Lawn chair that collapsed and that will never happen again

  10. Dixie thanks for the comment.
    I am so in love with all these big beautiful homes and my own house is so dumpy LOL
    I like to think I keep it that way to give the lovely homes contrast

  11. Hey I know that town. I rarely make it up there anymore. :)

  12. You should come see us again.
    We are located at ANYTOWN, USA


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