Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poor Goober

Goober is a Golden Retriever.
They are prone to allergies and skin conditions
Sores from digging, allergies, ingrown hairs all sorts of take care of my luxiurious coat I am a beatiful golden type things.

He has been scratching his side a lot lately
I looked and he had a big sore on his side.
OH NO!!!!
I have been neglecting him
He is not getting the care he deserves.

After much research, I found out I could give him some antihistamine and I ordered some very special shampoo and salve to put on his tender hide.
Poor Goober.
I bought anti-itch sprays for him too.
The poor baby.
Today he was digging
I was trying to distract him with new toys
Dont dig goober.
Come here mommy will love on you.

But then, something fell to the floor.
What the #$#@?

Goober did not have some sore on his side caused by his baby like pure bred pedeigree my granddad won the west minster best in show sensitive golden retriever skin.

It was a wad of gum.
He had a wad of gum stuck on his fur against his skin.

He's better now.
I feel stupid.


  1. LOL! Gum is better than a rash. My dogs are wide and free in the back yard and they used to run from me except for a very short love jump and lick than they were gone. This is because they know if I put them on a leash and we leave the yard it is shot time . A trip to the vet. Anyway my long haired dog got alot of knots in his hair this year. mOre than ever before . So I chased him down and brushed him for hours trying to get them all out. Now my dog loves me everytime I come out with the brush he runs to me and lays on my legs waiting to be brushed. It took me 10 yrs to find out that if I would brush my baby he would come to me and give me love. You have nothing to feel bad about.

  2. I am glad its not a rash but I went overboard buying all sorts of things for his sensitive skin. So funny. Dogs are fun they are worse than kids at times

  3. haha oh poor goober! glad it was just gum though! x

  4. Goober is just a big baby anymore. If he gets a knot in his fur he is forever messing with it. I think its just for attention he loves to be brushed all the time!


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