Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nanna Knew

When I introduced my sweet hubby to my grandparents 20 years ago, he was a bit horrified how they talked with one another.
They had been married almost 50 years at the time, and during dinner while Grandma was talking to my sweet love, Grandpa said loudly and rudely
"Push your glasses up!"
Grandma did, and carried on with her story without missing a beat.

When we were young newlyweds a new show was on fox called Married with Children.
A huge hit.
We didnt get it.
Why didnt Al want to make love to Peggy?
Why didnt she want to cook for the man who allowed her to stay at home with her kids.
Why didnt Peg want to cook for her kids or keep a nice home?

Well dear internet its is now almost 24 years later and I noticed over the weekend the hubby and I say things to each other on a daily basis we would not have dreamed of a two and half decades ago.

Things said this weekend by one or both of us listed below:

Stop picking.
You @sshole.
Could you turn that sh*t down?
What the h#ll did you do all day?
I cant eat this crap again.
I am not watching that.
Give me the remote
So do you want to have sex or not?
How is your boyfriend?
How is your girlfriend?

Ahh true love.

Grandma would be proud.



  1. Ahhh. You seem to have misplaced your rose colored glasses. :)

    "You @ss'ole" is a term of endearment around here. "Dumb@ss" is a close second. LOL

  2. LOL yes who knew they had it right all along

  3. Ahaha I feel nostalgic reading that :)

  4. Oh wow... I just got married to the love of my life almost 2 months ago. We watch that show sometimes (reruns on TV) and I wonder if we'll be that way... I hope not. Though we do tease each other a lot so it is a possibility @_@

  5. LOL aww Fatima, its a different kind of love and much sweeter then when you are first together. Its fun you can laugh with each other after all these years. Congrats on being newlyweds

  6. my husband and my I are always joking about the girlfriends and boyfriends, I tell him if he wants sex, to go find one of his girlfriends lol he jokes with me the same, people probably think we are off our rockers, but keeps things light.

    It's not my husband that calls me the asshole, it would be my almost 7 year old son.. anyone got a cure for that? I've tried everything!

  7. Chrissie this is hilarious
    He will make someone a great husband one day
    I dont think i would be any help as I would bust out laughing every time he said it


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