Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diva Days Gone By

It is no secret to my readers that I consider myself a Diva.
I am a lazy one though and I do most my shopping online and have often wondered how did Divas manage before the internet. What about before the TV shopper Channels or worst yet Malls, Walmart, or Strip Malls.

Here is your answer.
They had the Sears Catalog
It's massive and this one is a reproduction from 1897.

Buy yours here.

First I would outfit my baby in this sporty thing.
Do you imagine they parked them outside? Where would you put it? In the carriage house?

I could buy all the latest fashions
Sadly they only have eight pages of woman's clothes.
What would a clothes whore like me do?

I suppose since I wasnt wasting my time aimlessly surfing blogs or watching bad tv, I could learn how to sew and make my own magnificent creations on this wonderful device.

I would probably be too stressed out from all that work though and have to buy a whole bunch of these things, for my woman problems.

How fun!
Just think 100 years ago I would still manage to be fashionable, nervous, and broke.
Yay Diva history


  1. i dont know about that sewing you might break a nail ma

  2. you know i didnt see anything for nail care I will look LOL

  3. thats a great post! especially loved the "weak women" pills! and we wouldnt have survived back then!

  4. lol I need some pills i bet they had booze in them

  5. Those female pills look interesting-wonder what was in them? Ah the good old Sears wish book-I spent many a happy hour of my childhood looking through it, at least until My Maw-Maw took it out to the outhouse.

  6. Thats where it needs to be in the outhouse.
    There are like 20 pages of mens fashions vs the 8 ladies. They didnt know a good demographic back then

  7. I remember looking longingly through the Sears' catalog as a young girl. Man, how times have changed.

  8. I can't believe they advertised female pills for weak women. Weak women? WTF

  9. I wish I knew what was in them LOL they dont say its just weak nervousness. So Funny

  10. My mom has never drove so we got all our cool stuff from the Sears,Montgomery Wards and still now JC pennys catalogs.


  11. Thanks for commenting karen i will check out your blog


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