Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesdays Around Town

Late of course, but we wont go there.

This house is lovely but what really caught my eye is the backyard shown here.

Its looks like its out of some public park or Grecian garden.
Just Wow!

I love this one because it has a huge side porch, a bay window and a porch.
Gorgeous and it is sitting along the tree lined street with off street parking.

I turned around from that last house and and saw this one.
I cant get over all these old homes that are so obviously taken care of with love and pride.
Its like walking along another century

Finally this side yard, flowers all along her house that look like they are growing naturally and she even put an old style bicycle in the middle of it.
Clever and beautiful while looking effortless.

Arent they all just so lovely.

Yesterday at my own crappy home I noticed we had weeds growing in the corner back yard that were missed and they were over 4 foot, went to grab them to pull them out but they were covered in sticky prickly things and they growled at me.
They do have lovely purple flowers on them though, so I think i will leave them alone :)
Maybe i can get Goober to pee on them.


  1. these are all gorgeous. I especially love the last house.

  2. Those are beautiful! They don't build them with character like that anymore.

  3. I wanna live in the one with the turret type thing.... the round thing... is that what they're called??? Gorgeous, anyway...

  4. those are fabulous photos, what a gorgeous garden and home I love the older homes!

  5. I just love older homes; I especially liked the one with the side porch and the bay window. The garden in the last one, with the old-style bike, was absolutely lovely!

    I have an old house, but it is nothing like these. My old house is just that...old! :)

  6. oh i know i am jealous all of them
    but not enough to work on my own old crappy house


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