Monday, July 6, 2009

Tag You're It

I worked all day yesterday
Then I did a couple hours this morning
I lie back down to get some sleep and couple hours later I hear a knock at door.
Goober is going bonkers, bouncing up and down and barking.
I open door, hair standing up all over, with a sleep filled head.
It’s a cop there.

Officer: I am afraid someone has put gang graffiti on your garage
ME: We've been tagged?
Officer: Afraid so mam, we have some suspects in mind
ME: Who is it? (Bloods, crypts, who, wth I live in Mayberry)
Officer: We think it’s a kid two streets over
ME: Erm ok so I’ll get the old man to paint it then
Officer: That might be best mam
ME: Erm ok
Officer Can I see your id card?
ME: Still in fog thinks wth where my business cards, oh wait I don’t have any
Scribbles name on index card and hands it to him
Officer: Looks confused
ME: I am out of business cards but that’s me, been here 20 years
Officer: Have a nice day mam
ME: You too

If we end up in the paper I will scan it and put it up for you
So cute
Small town living

Yes I know he meant ID card lol but like I said I was sleeping ;)


  1. wtf?????

    erm ok.

    nice going with the id lol

  2. Seems like he accepted your type of ID card haha :)

  3. He must thought i had a meth house going on.
    I wouldnt let him in and didnt go out to look at what he was talking about. Then i scrawl on a card LOL The truth is i had no bra and my house was a mess


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