Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesdays around Town

This is how all the streets look in my town.
Its just crazy how all these big ole trees are all over and canopy the streets
Which is not the norm in most towns around here as home owners replace them with different smaller trees.
Its not a town ordinance or anything just everyone here loves their old monster trees in front of their house despite the fact we get horrid thunder storms that wreck havoc and send them tumbling on to our heads

Also visited the brother and his finace while out and this is their lovely dog Riley
He was saved from a shelter and we think he has irish setter in him and maybe some golden retriever. Goober and him are exact same colour.
He has his own lovely look though.
Note the troll hair.
Troll hair better seen in this picture. It will not stay down no matter what!
He a big lovey thing too.
So fun


  1. aw hes gorgeous! He reminds me of an Afghan doggy that my grandmother had. He looks so sweet!

    We have big old monster trees around here too. I wake up to tree branches on my new car all the time :(

  2. lol i know right
    like gah they look nice but it seems silly be living so close to such danger

    they are always falling on peoples houses but the autumn sure is pretty here

  3. poor rach from ukJune 30, 2009 at 12:18 PM

    we have big trees here too love your blog

  4. yes I remember once dad and I were up late watching tv we heard a huge crash! we looked out, didn't see anything, whatever! Next day, saw a huge branch broke the fence.


  5. lisa- aka: itouchutouchJune 30, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    Yup looks just like the streets around here, big ole maples lining each side, almost as if your driving through a covered bridge. Every thunder storm a tree or two across the street, on someones house or car. I think its funny when we go out of town just 20 minutes away and you can hardley see a tree in sight. Cute dog......and I love your blogs, keep um coming :)

  6. thanks guys, i know its funny they are all through town you hit the roads out of towns you dont see a tree for miles


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