Thursday, June 18, 2009

DSL Tech Support 101

Last Monday

Them: It will be there Friday
Us: Yay

Last Friday

Them: Your lines suck call the land lord

Us: They said you suck the lines are fine.
Them: Says you canceled it
US: Erm No we moved we didn't cancel it
Them Oh right ok sorry my bad, it be there Friday
Us: Ok cool

Another Friday

Them Its there hook it up
Us: Erm its here it doesnt work now
Them Oh right lets walk you through it for say about 2 hours
Us: Ok it works
Them Yay


Us: Shit it dont work
Them Hold please.
Us: Ok
Them Its your lines call your landlord
Us: Click &^*&%#

US: Hello cable company? When can you come out install internet
Them Tomorrow
Us Sweet


  1. yay cable co 9 am on the dot yay lap top happy grandma

  2. lisa- aka: itouchutouchJune 30, 2009 at 6:42 PM

    Oh I can so relate to this one, as I am sure you know. Cable company all the way, dsl I never want to think about for the rest of my life!!!!!!


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