Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snip Snip Goober

You all remember Goober
and this post here

Last year this little dog would spend hours
digging her way under our fence
We ran her off numerous times but were not worried
After all she is so tiny and Goober is so big

So now we have this visiting us
Does he want to meet his daddy?
Snip Snip Goober
Thats all i am saying


  1. aww thats def goobers offspring without a doubt has the same colouring..especially as the mom dog is black!

  2. Hey way to go goober, just be careful is she asking for doggy support LOL

  3. i know right how could we deny it lol

  4. Snip snip...

    its not even that any more they just make a tiny incision and give them a vasectomy.

    he'll still have all his bits.


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