Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It’s official. As of yesterday I have went from full time cube dweller office goddess to part time have not a clue peon.
Yay! I have been at the same office job for 13 years and although I love (loathe) it, the hours were killing me.
I have my own thing going on at home and don’t really need the office work. It was more where would I drive my sweet ride and snazzy clothes sort of thing.
That and a little bit of company loyalty mixed in with one of my best friends works there. Also the work environment is one that is cutting edge techie and I eat that up too.

But enough of that boring dribble, after months of finagling complaining moaning threats etc they agreed to let me work half days.

Imagine all the wonderful things I will accomplish with all this time now Internet.

Here is a Short list of things I plan to do:

Shop so we actually have food in the house for once.
Pay my bills on time and organize them by expense type and soon to be created budget
Teach the dog how to heel stay and loose leash walk
Join a gym
Organize closets
Create new and delicious meals for me and my family.
Entertain on weekends

I figure this should take a couple weeks or so to get up to par. I am not that silly to think I can do it all right away.

The list of what I have done:

Day 1

Played guitar hero for two hours (Sting says I rock by the way)

Ordered Chinese food

Day 2

Surfed internet aimlessly, read gossip blogs, and wrote blog entry.

Played guitar hero, some weird guy with a Mohawk named jack said I suck.

Ate left over Chinese food.

Just imagine what day 3 will bring! I will be sure to let you know. ;) I think I will take a nap now.


  1. Yay what are you going to do with yourself now? Sounds like you are getting pretty good at guitar hero, just think you have mario kart to play when it arrives too, and friend why would you want to make food?, urghhh
    I dont order from my chinese no more as the food has just turned nasty!

  2. lol i am hoping it is better for me if i cook it myself. So far our chinese is just the right amount of nastiness YAY stupid mario needs to get here soon

  3. I have a fantastically easy recipe for you, since you are going to be cooking. Although, knowing you as well as I do, I'm sure you'll get the recipe off me at some point much later in the year.

    It involves 4 ingredients, three of which ought to be pantry staples. It takes little time to prepare and little time to cook and is utterly delicious.

    P.S. I am using Opera to comment since safari doesn't care for your word verification. I offer this up as a sign of my sacrifice for and adoration of you.

  4. wow i am quite impressed safari gone im shocked at googles meaness lol

  5. Making food is fun! The washing up's not so much fun though, eh, blerk. My hubby makes the best Chinese things.... mmmm... I prefer cooking pasta dishes and soup and stew and ...well, cake. :D

    I reckon playing guitar hero is entirely constructive ;)

  6. it has to be good for something lol


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